One of the Top Fashion Trends....Sheer Tops are They Worth the Extra Layer?

Are sheer shirts worth the extra layer

When I walk into a store and see sheer tops, I ask myself, "are they worth it?" To put on a full length layer makes me feel like a big cheater, completely going against all that I have stood for for the last 5+ years. I am sorry Mr. Halftee for my wondering eyes, but I really like that beautiful sheer top. The good news, Halftee makes a full length Layering shirt. It is made out of our AWESOME cotton/modal fabric and fits wonderfully, but I have to say, I do what ever it takes not to have to put them on and to keep Mr. Halftee, happy.

In my 'other' life I am the wife of a cowboy/rancher. I married a man that is an owner of the family ranch in Elba, ID. Yes it does exist and yes if you blink you will literally miss driving through this town 35 miles south of Burley, ID. There are many more cows than people in this little town, and surprisingly enough some of those cows are mine. Well you know what I mean. 

A couple weeks ago we had our annual Bull/Heifer Sale. Basically this is where you sale a lot of cattle in an auction. I stayed with my little sister when we are at the ranch. Another YES my little sister, BFF married a sweet man from Elba, ID. Seriously what are the odds! I was getting dressed for the sale and I pulled down a super cute sheer top. Once again I had the thought, "is this worth it?" I went for it. 

full length Layering shirt
I am not annoyed here really, just caught off guard...This shirt is sheer, I have the NUDE full length layer on. Looks pretty cool, right? My sis-in-law and sister are here with me. We are prepping the "back- end" for the sale. Getting ready to take everyone's money that bought at the sale!



full length Layering shirt blue
I promise I am not flipping the camera off, my 13 year old daughter is taking the photo and that would just not be appropriate. I just happened to be holding the tape weird, I had to use this pic still bc it is the best one that shows the Halftee, and I look agro in the top pic.


A woman and her sister poses for a photo
My sis and BFF! She will KILL me for posting this she is 7 months prego and not too happy with photos, but I think she is super HOT and this is a cute pic.

I did end up getting a lot of compliments on my top that day. I still HATED nursing with two shirts though, and again wondered, was it worth it. I was also validated, that Halftees are the best and are so worth having on, over a full length undershirt any day. Here is a super cool article that talks about.....

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