Top way to make your girls Easter Dresses Modest.....

How do you make your girls Easter Dresses modest?

I have four little girls, Charlee 13, Codee 8 (almost), Cooper 4 and Clancy 2. Each of them with their style. With the first two little girls, I was a Nazi, on hair and clothes. Neither of them left the house without meticulous hair and outfits.  As the kidlet count has increased, I have become a little more lax in this area. In fact, Cooper the four-year-old dresses herself each day, and she certainly has a bit more say in what her hair looks like. I chalk it up to parental maturing :) But, one thing that has stayed the same with each of my girls is my opinion on girls and modesty.

With each age, comes a need for a higher level of modesty. When my oldest daughter turned 12, I told her that she could no longer wear tank tops. I feel when girls reach that "young women" age, their level of modesty needs to increase. Now, I have friends that say, just avoid sleeveless tops altogether from infancy with your little girls; and then you aren't faced with transitioning them to sleeves. Good theory, but I honestly do not see any issues with little girls wearing tank tops. I never have and probably never will, but I do see as girls transition into young women the need to raise the modesty standards begins to take place.

But, with this said, I am not a big fan of sleeveless dresses in church. I know you might be thinking good grief pick a side, right?  I want my daughters and sons to know that when we are going to church we need to feel different than if we are merely getting ready for a typical week day and what we wear helps us feel different. Wearing a cardigan or wearing a Halftee under sleeveless dresses just seems to elevate the "look" of those cute spring and summer dresses and helps my little girls "feel" different while at church.

I remember when all we ever had was the cardigan, and although they are super cute, for me they never made it through a whole church service. I would find myself worrying about carrying it around and making it back home safely. Of course, my favorite way to make an Easter Dress modest is with a girlee Halftee. They go on and unless you have a complete striper for a child, (which I have been handed a halftee right in the middle of church, still not sure how or exactly why) but you put them on and they stay there very comfortable. I feel so bad for the little girls that come to church with a full-length shirt on under their Easter dresses. I am sorry but full-length undershirts do not fit snug enough. They look too bulky most of the time and distract from the cute dress altogether. 

Here are some cute pics of my girls from one of our photo shoots.....before and afters are the best!

basic white girlee halftee
basic white girlee halftee with red

Cooper (4) cute little person, tank dress is so much cuter with a basic white girlee halftee and a pink cardigan thrown over the shoulder.

pink boyfriend girlee halftee
pink boyfriend girlee halftee

Codee (almost 8) very cute Easter Dress we got at Nordstrom's but looks so much better with a pink boyfriend girlee halftee.

So what are you going to do to make your Girls Easter Dresses modest?? 

Here is a super cute story about women and her evolution into loving Easter and all that comes with it...:)

 "I used to hate Easter dresses. Allow me to explain. When I was a kid, Easter was a really big deal for my family. We went to church just about every Sunday, but Easter Sunday was special. Mom would spend weeks agonizing over what we would wear. Since Easter is always in the early part of spring, the holiday would signal a shopping frenzy for my mom, my aunt, and my older cousin. It was when they would purchase most of their spring and summer wardrobes."

By Holly Abee



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