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4 Outstanding Ways to Style Your Turtlenecks

Winter is here, so let's discuss 4 ways to style with a turtleneck!! We couldn't be more excited to cuddle up in cozy sweaters, play in the snow, and LAYER every outfit. Here at Halftee, we know a thing or two about layering. It's the best time of the year to stretch your wardrobe because you can always add more layers!!

One of our favorite pieces in our HALFTEE collection is the turtleneck! It comes in both sleeveless and long-sleeve. We have some cute outfits we've put together to show you how EASY and fun it is to add a turtleneck to your outfit!!

The turtleneck can be one of those pieces that you love the look of but aren't quite sure how to use it!! Have no fear, the layering gurus are here to help! So, without further ado, let's jump into our 4 favorite ways to style with a turtleneck:

1. V-Neck Chunky Sweaters

Who doesn't love a good chunky sweater?! Even better, a V-neck chunky sweater will make your comfortable fashion dreams come true. You can stay cozy in your sweaters but add a little dimension to the look by throwing a turtleneck under it!

2. Lightweight Button-Down Shirts

We are in LOVE with this look. Sometimes you want to wear a button-up, but with a more relaxed look! Solution: turtleneck! You can create a nice lightweight style by adding that turtleneck. Whites never go out of style! And don't forget to add a pop of COLOR, red seems to be the hot color this season!


Flannels make my heart so happy!! I could wear one every day. They are the perfect relaxed look that you can dress up or down. Adding the turtleneck under a flannel adds a chic look to any flannel shirt.

4. Long Dresses & Long Cardigans

Winter makes me want to cover up and stay warm as soon as I get out of bed! This look achieves that. Adding a turtleneck under a dress creates dimension and a cozy-cute style. Throwing a long cardigan over just perfectly completes the look.


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