4 Reasons You Absolutely Need a Halftee for Your Next Vacation


It is always like a punch to the gut. Why in the world does it cost so much to travel with luggage?! Isn’t that a critical part of traveling? So, why is it going to cost me $200 to check a bag one-way for a two-week trip. Or, $20 per carry-on one-way?! Traveling is already expensive enough!

I’ve traveled more this year than I usually do so I’ve had to learn how to pack light. It’s not easy, especially when the trip is going to be long and you’re not staying somewhere with a Walmart nearby. You don’t realize how much stuff you need until you try and pack it in a small rectangle.

On my last trip, I went to California for a week with some of my family for a wedding and other California activities. And, because I had Halftees, it made packing so much easier. Here’s several reasons why:

Halftee Universal

2. I got introduced to Halftee when I was complaining to a friend that I had nothing to wear because it’s too hot in summer to wear undershirts. She told me to try Halftee and I have fallen in love! The fact that they only cover from the bust up helps me not get so hot while still being able to cover my always showing cleavage. This made them perfect for my trip to California in the middle of summer!

3. One of the great things about Halftee is that I can wear several shirts with the same Halftee. Or, several Halftees with the same shirt. This gave me a lot more wardrobe options while packing less, allowing me to save much needed space in my suitcase for all the rest of my stuff.

4. Before going to California, I was shopping at Walmart for last minute stuff for the trip (you know how that is!) when I saw this super cute Disney shirt for less than $10. I had to buy it for Disneyland even though it didn’t have sleeves. My shoulders burn super easily so I avoid wearing anything without sleeves. But, because I have Halftees, I was able to buy a new cute outfit for vacation for super cheap! Did I mention that I love Halftee???3. For the wedding, I wore a thin sun dress that you could easily see the outline of my bra. Instead of going braless, I put on a Halftee that smoothed it out. I also love wearing Halftees under my dress. Unlike other undershirts, Halftees don’t ride up and create weird lumps that are impossible to pull down.

These are just a couple of the ways that Halftee made my vacation a little smoother. There are plenty of other reasons why people take them on vacation, which is why Halftee is giving away a $50 gift card at the end of July! All you must do to enter is post a photo of you on vacation with your Halftee tagging #howihalftee. If that’s not enough reason to pack your Halftee, then I don’t know what is!

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