The Most Important Thing You Need on Your Back to School Shopping List - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

The Most Important Thing You Need on Your Back to School Shopping List

It’s a downright miserable experience due to the long hours, lines, and stress about money. Clothing shopping with your girls for back to school clothes is not for the faint of heart, I’ll tell you that much.

Back to School Shopping

Maybe your girls were like me growing up and hate shopping. Everything is uncomfortable and they don’t like any piece of clothing in the store. Or, maybe your daughters are like how my sister was, nothing is in style or cute. Then, if they do find something, it’s super expensive and there goes the whole back to school shopping budget! Either way, back to school shopping is difficult, but there is one way to make the whole experience so much easier. Let me fill you in!

Girlee Halftees were invented by moms to make your life easier because we get it! These Halftees are made for young girls for easy layering solutions. They are an absolute must have on your back to school shopping list and here is why:

1. Kids grow out of clothes so fast!

How often do you put all your daughters summer clothes away to pull them out again next summer and find that they no longer fit?! Instead, get the most out of your girl’s clothes by easily adding a Girlee Halftee to make them wearable all year long!

Year Long Girl Clothes 

2. Save money on back to school shopping!

You don’t have to spending money on a whole new back to school wardrobe. Instead buy some Girlee Halftees to make their favorite summer outfits school-dress-code ready. At only $13.99, Girlee Halftees will save you so much money compared to buying a whole new outfit. Now your back to school budget can be half of what it use to be without even needing to step foot into a store. Where was this when I was a kid being dragged shopping for back to school clothes?!

3. Perfect for that awkward puberty stage!

Is your daughter in that uncomfortable stage where she is developing breasts, but not enough to need bra yet? Well then, the Girlee Halftee is the answer for you. Because Halftees cover from the bust up, they feel like a training bra without being a training bra. Your daughter will love having a new accessory piece in her wardrobe that helps her through this awkward phase of life. Too bad they don’t make periods any easier…

4. Moms swear by them!

We get that every company tells you that what they are selling is amazing. So, don’t just take our word for it, check out what different moms have to say about Girlee Halftees:

  • Love these for myself and my 5yo. They are wonderful. I especially love the reversible neckline feature. – Anna K.
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Halftees has their Girlee line to keep my little one modest and also make her wardrobe more versatile so she can wear certain tops year-round. – Stacey B.
  • We have the white and black for my daughter and we LOVE them. They are soft and comfortable, and I love that she can wear her summer clothes all year long with her Halftees! – Aubrey
  • My daughter likes the added layer look without all the bulk. These are perfect and will grow with her (a huge plus). – Maegan M.
  • Best undershirts ever! My girls love the fit and they love that they don't feel like they have a million layers on! Absolutely in love! Thank you! – Michelle
  • I purchased these for my 10-year-old to wear with her tank top shirts and dresses. She LOVES them. They are comfortable (soft) and convenient at a great price. Thank you Halftee! – A R.
  • Absolutely fantastic! My girls live in their Halftees. They are cute and modest at the same time, and it makes it easier to find clothes for them. – Stacey F.
  • My older daughter likes layers and is just starting to "develop" so this is also a great solution for her, as she does not quite want or need a bra but likes the extra coverage of wearing a Halftee under her regular shirts... Thanks! – Maredith B.

So, say goodbye to the crazy headache of back to school clothes shopping with Girlee Halftees!


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