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The Secret of How to Really Get Free Halftees

As I walk to the mailbox, I am filled with a sense of dread. It’s going to be filled with more bills and letters telling me I’m qualified for a new credit card. If I’m lucky, there will be a coupon for some products I will never need. Then, as I open the mailbox, I see a large white padded envelope and my heart instantly skips a beat. My brand new Halftee is finally here, and what’s even better is that I didn’t have to pay for it!

It didn’t take a lot to get a free Halftee, it was actually easy. So, let me fill you in on the effortless process to get your own free Halftees delivered straight to your mailbox!

Free Halftees

1. Sign up to be a Halftee ambassador

I am the last person on earth to join anything that requires more work. I am busy enough as it is, so I don’t need to add one more thing to my plate! But I signed up to be a Halftee ambassador for several reasons:

  • It’s not like signing up to be a door to door salesman. I already tell friends all about my Halftees when they compliment my outfit. But now, I can give them a discount of 25% off when they spend $25 or more to try Halftees themselves. It’s not extra work because I am already talking about Halftees, because I love them.
  • I get 25% off when I spend $25 or more on Halftees for myself. I am already buying Halftees, so if I can save some money, I am going to!
  • One of the great advantages of being an ambassador is getting new Halftees before everyone else! Halftee sends out a special email to ambassadors allowing them to buy the newest style Halftee a month before anyone else!
  • Then, the biggest reason I signed up was the ability to earn free Halftees! When my friends use my discount code, I get points toward a free Halftee. Five friends us my code, bang, I get my first free Halftee.

2. Post about Halftee on Social Media

I am far from someone who has a large social media following. But that’s something that I love about being an ambassador, that I don’t need to have a certain number of followers to join. I just need to be passionate about wearing Halftees, which I already am!

Posting on social media about Halftee is super simple! Occasionally, I’ll share one of Halftee’s informational social media posts saying, “This is why I love wearing Halftees! If you use my code, you can get 25% off your order of $25 or more.” Then, I share my discount code. Simple!

Sometimes, I will also post photos of me on social media, like when I’m spending time with family or out somewhere fun. If I’m wearing a Halftee, I’ll tag them by posting @halftee and #howihalftee with information about my promo code. Again, it’s super easy and not that different from what I am already posting.

3. Talk about Halftee

I already talk about Halftee all the time! Someone compliments my outfit, I tell them about Halftee. We talk about clothes, I tell them about Halftee. Someone says something about shopping, I tell them about Halftee. The only difference is that now I can give them a discount when they buy their Halftees!

4. Host a Halftee party

Look, I hate parties. I’m not a super social person and I hate selling people stuff that they don’t need. But I would do a Halftee party because Halftees are fun to talk about.

  • They make it easier to go shopping. I can now shop for any style despite what season it is, knowing I can simply throw a Halftee under it.
  • Not being a fashion person, I can make my outfit look super cute by putting on a Halftee.
  • Halftees save money. I can wear my favorite outfits all year round by adding different lengths of Halftees sleeves.
  • They make my arms look thinner and less saggy.

This is all the girl talk that I love to have! Any excuse to hang out with friends and easily solve their fashion problems is something I am totally down for.

5. Join the Halftee Ambassadors' Facebook group.

It’s so much fun to virtually be a part of a group of women that understand and get me. We support and are friends with each other. We don’t just talk about Halftees, but it is an easy place to get advice and ask questions about Halftee.

There are so many reasons to be a Halftee Ambassador. Here are several reasons that people have already joined:

  • It opens the door for us to share this amazing product that we love and believe in!! What a joy to help other women find the solution to clothing problems. – Virginia P.
  • It’s so fun to share things you love with people you love! – Kim

Being an Halftee Ambassador is not an extra stress on my life. It is something I was already doing, but now I save money when I buy more Halftees and get free Halftees in my mailbox! 

Get started by signing up to be a Halftee Ambassador by clicking HERE. 


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