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How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall, the Easy Way

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Crisp morning air, warm afternoons and chill filled nights perfect for Hot Apple Cider! Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and beautiful leaves a glow like a fire at sunset… It’s FALL! Don’t you just love the change in the weather from sweltering to sweater-ing? Fall colors, fall weather, fall treats, fall activities and fall Fashions! It’s an incredible time of year…

But with the season change comes a seasonal cleaning of the closet… what do you keep and what must go? It’s not cold enough for long sleeves and coats, but it’s too hot for a ton of layers… So, what do we do? Shop a whole new wardrobe? As fun as that would be- most of us can’t really drop the funds on a shopping spree every season, am I right? What’s a girl to do?! Let’s walk through 6 common struggles with fall wardrobe transitions and I’ll tell you how to solve them.

1. Colors of Summer Clothes

Often the color palette of our summer clothes feels too bright for Fall. In the autumn months we lean more towards cool, rich tones that complement the changing leaves. So, most of us throw our summer palettes into a box until next year.

Instead, add a Halftee. Styling with Halftee has never made transitioning your wardrobe easier than now! We have so many rich colors (and a few new ones COMING SOON) that can make even the brighter summer colors extend into the changing autumn tones! You no longer need a SUMMER box! Keep wearing those favorite pieces all year long!

2. Sleeve Length

It’s chilly in the morning and evening, but can still get pretty toasty by mid-day… so how do you choose what to wear? You could put on a jacket- the sweat starts pouring down halfway through your work day… Wearing a cute sleeveless blouse and a blazer? You may feel uncomfortable or unprofessional taking the blazer off, so you suffer in silence…

Instead, Halftee offers many sleeve lengths that you can wear with sleeveless blouses. Check out our Boyfriend, Three Quarter or Long Sleeve options! Just a little, or a lot, of extra sleeve without the heat and bulk of a sweater or long sleeve shirt underneath. Don’t let your sleeve length hold you back ever again!

Different Sleeve Lengths

 3. Temperature

Item number two on our list goes hand in hand with number three. It’s cold, then hot, then cold again… So how do you determine what shirt to put on in the morning? Grab a Halftee! The Three Quarter Sleeve is PERFECT for Fall. It’s between the short and long sleeve lengths to give a little warmth, but not SO much that you want to run into a locked room and air out!

As we get further into fall, the Long Sleeve is an excellent replacement! Wear the long sleeve, and if you get too warm indoors- push the sleeve up to a 3/4 length.

4. Styling

It can be so hard to pick your layers to style with for fall. No matter our age, or budget- ANYONE can struggle with styling… There are days I look dang good! … and then there are days I have no idea what I’m doing, and I look ridiculous.

Lucky for me, AND you, Halftee gives great styling tips and tricks! Check out their Instagram, Facebook and website to find videos and style tips. Before you know it, you will be looking FAB for fall!

 5. Confidence

How many times have you put an outfit on and felt great? But as the day went on you find out that you are flashing too much cleavage. Your bra was hanging out. Or, you found the blouse showed too much side boob as it stretched throughout the day. I sure have!

I walked out the door feeling on top of the world. Then, by lunch, I was a wallflower crossing my arms to hold my blouse in place and putting my hand on my chest if ever I had to lean over. So, I solve this by wearing a Halftee. Even if I have the sleeve, I need the confidence I get KNOWING nothing will be slipping out at inconvenient moments!

Plus, the bold Halftee color choices allow for a POP of color. Check out our Power RED, Empowering CORAL and even our Radiant RASPBERRY which are among my favorites to color pop with! Get confident with a Halftee!

6. Pairing the RIGHT Layers

Getting the right layers for fall is tricky. It can get bulky and HOT with thick fabric messes. All the tucking in can make your pants a lot tighter! Now those jeans that used to fit so comfortably are now digging in and squeezing you because you tucked in two shirts for a layered look… I bet you know what I’m going to suggest by now… YUP! Girl, GET YOURSELF A HALFTEE …. OR TWO! NO BULK!

Halftees also slim down your arms and support the “ladies” up top. Try pairing a Long Sleeve Lace with a boyfriend or Three Quarter for a fun textured layer! See a fun layered look in a magazine or on Pinterest? Accomplish that layered look with Halftee!

Halftees are an amazing way to solve all your fall wardrobe transition problems. They are simple and inexpensive. So, be BOLD, be CONFIDENT, be BEAUTIFUL… be YOU- - -with Halftee!


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