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How to Start Your Amazing Capsule Wardrobe in 3 Easy Steps

Capsule Wardrobe Closet

I have so many items in my closet that I can go for a month and a half without having to wash anything…. But I never wear half of it. I have my favorite pieces that I clean repeatedly. As I have done my Fall Closet Cleanup this time, I struggled to choose. I consulted tips and tricks on Pinterest, and I watched the Netflix Marie Kondo special.

So, what do you do to clean out your closet? Some of you may be good at this…. You can easily pick the items to donate or discard. But for those like me who are sentimental, this can be more of a challenge and feel like more than you can chew! I’ve learned three basic tips:

1. Only keep clothes that give you joy.

Maria Kondo tells me NO JOY, NO NEED. Pick up the item and if you feel even a slight hint of joy you should keep it, care for it and love it forever! Just kidding, she didn’t say the last part. But if it brings you joy, you should keep it. No joy? Thank it and place it in a giveaway pile.

2. Only keep clothes that are in good condition. 

If it’s in poor condition get rid of it. I have a whole slew of items waiting to be repaired. I can repair them, but I don’t… Rips, missing buttons, holes, stains- whatever the damage…. If you haven’t fixed it within 3 months of the damage, toss it!

3. Only keep clothes that fit you today. 

Fit is important. Another Marie Kondo tip, and pretty much every Pinterest pin I have seen on the subject, if it doesn’t fit COMFORTABLY, and if it doesn’t fit your body RIGHT NOW. Don’t keep it. Unless you are on a body transformation train, keeping things you used to fit in or one day HOPE to fit in again is not only depressing, it’s a waste of space. Plus, the new body you slim down into deserves a NEW reward. Donate the other items.

When you do these three things you can create what’s called a Capsule Wardrobe. In 1970, Susie Faux- the owner of “Wardrobe” boutique in London coined this phrase. Basically, it means you have a few key pieces in your closet that you can mix and match to create a bunch of different outfits. You’ve seen this on Pinterest, I know you have. I’ve seen it all over! You have a few timeless pieces in your Capsule Wardrobe and the rest are embellishments.

Most suggestions look something like this:

But there’s something all these pins and suggestions are missing…. A Halftee! There are so many incredible options we offer. Our Basic Cap Sleeve Halftee in White, Black or Nude is one of the best staple pieces for EVERY wardrobe. Create your own Capsule Wardrobe equipped with Halftee!


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