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Here Are 5 Wonderful Hacks That Will Improve Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

I walked up and down the mall with a paint swatch in my hand, desperately holding it up to every… single… dress… It didn’t even matter if the dress was my size or not, I was desperate to find something that matched the stupid paint swatch. Of course, nothing did! Why did the bride have to pick such an impossible color? I mean it’s just a blush pink. There are a million pink dresses in this mall, but none are the color of this swatch. Then of course, if I do happen to find the right color dress, it’s not in my size, too short, or looks awful on me. There is no winning at this bridesmaid game.

Don’t get me wrong, being a bridesmaid is great! Your best friend has found a new best friend and to celebrate you are going spend lots of money on an impossible to find dress that doesn’t even look good on you. Okay, maybe, I’m a little bitter from the last time I was a bridesmaid…

Halftee Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

The truth is that being a bridesmaid doesn’t have to be so frustrating. It can actually be what some might consider fun! Here are some tips to make finding the right dress a breeze:

1. Start shopping early.

I’m a procrastinator by heart and dress shopping is no fun. This usually means that I’m shopping for my bridesmaid dress at the last minute and am more stressed than I need to be. If you shop early, then you will have more choices and will likely get your dress for a better price.

2. Rent your dress.

I wish I had known how many places out there let you rent bridesmaid dresses before I spent lots of money on dresses that were only worn once! My sister rented her wedding dress and it was the best choice because it was a fraction of the cost. If the bride can rent a dress, so can you.

3. Shop online.

It used to be that you had to go to the mall and spend hours trying on dresses, which is exhausting! Instead turn on Netflix and eat cereal in your sweats while you dress shop. It’s much easier to find a specific color online than it is in a physical store. Buy several and return the ones that don’t work all from the comfort of your living room.

4. Choose a dress that is comfortable.

You are going to be in this dress all… day… long. Make sure it’s a dress that you can dance and wrestle for the bouquet in without feeling uncomfortable. So, it’s important to start shopping early, because having a dress you enjoy wearing is worth it.

5. Take advantage of Halftee’s elegant line. 

If you're anything like me, then you don’t love showing a lot of skin. Look, I sunburn easily and it’s not my wedding night. The elegant Haftees making dress shopping easier because dresses that weren’t an option suddenly are. Check out our different lace, mesh, and peekaboo undershirts that will allow you to totally rock your bridesmaid dress.


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