Layering Shirts for Maternity, Pregnancy, and Nursing

Layering Shirts for Maternity, Pregnancy, and Nursing

Ok, so we all know that layering shirts for pregnancy make all the difference right?  Let me explain.  So, you all may know that I just had my seventh little baby, Clancee Elizabeth. Yes that is correct 7 little kidlets. No I am not crazy (well maybe a little) and they are all mine, and no there are no twins.  My oldest just turned 11 in October and then we go down 9, 7, 5, 3, 2, and baby. Now for the first five I did not have a Halftee. It was that experience as you all know that drove me to design a halftee and begin the Halftee adventure. It is funny that with the last three babies, I have fallen deeper in love with Halftees. For the regular regime of a women's life Halftees are the ultimate problem solver. When layering for maternity, or layered as a nursing mother, they take on a whole new definition of "Problem Solver." 

Halftee is unlike any other layering top


layering shirts for pregnancy


layering shirts for pregnancy in pink

It probably does not come as a surprise that I layer with a halftee almost everyday, you know it is kinda what I do and I always feel so guilty if I am not supporting the Halftee dream. So with that said, every time I sit down to nurse my little one, I absolutely love that my Halftee with its signature 2 inch band can be popped up and stays in place while I am nursing. Trying to keep two shirts in place, while wrestling other little monkeys is a lot harder then one, and having a little less to worry about while nursing is heaven. 

So with my deep love as a nursing mother towards Halftees, it only seems natural that all my friends having babies of their own, get a very unique baby gift. No I am not handing out cute baby outfits, you guessed it, my friends are getting Halftees. I am sharing the Halftee love with them. Such a great way to spread the love!! My friends are loving them too and realizing how amazing they really are as they tackle the nursing world. 

So what is my point to this post....Halftees rock, of course! But they really rock for pregnancy, or as tops for nursing mom's out there. If you are needing a super unique baby gift, give your girlfriend a Halftee. They will love you for it. Changing their nursing experience one halftee at a time!! 


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