Modest Clothing For Layering

Modest layering clothing, and modest layering tops, are they important?  Noelle and I just spent four days in Las Vegas at the Magic Fashion Trade show, speaking to anyone who would listen. Our entire week was dedicated to teaching boutique owners around the world how layering provides an option of modesty. Modest Layering tops in the fashion world is a bit non-existent, but it does not distract women from wanting to wear today's fashions. They need layering options! They need to be able to dress modestly without losing their style. Halftee Layering Fashions gives women options to dress in today's fashions, modestly, with out all the hassle and fuss. Women are constantly on the look out for ways to cover their "sisters" and cover their arms. Women feel 100% more beautiful, and confident in Modest layered clothing if those two problem areas are covered. 

Modesty layering shirts for todays women!

It was so exciting to share with boutique owners our product because they are in the trenches everyday, with women, helping them find their fashion selves. As the boutique owners caught onto our vision, they were super excited to bring Halftees into their store, and bring them to their customers. They were giddy as their minds did the "closet stares" of the many ways they were going to show off their new product to their customers. They kept expressing how they were going to be able to shop the show different because with a Halftee in their store, they could sell every new style, every new fashion. So exciting, to be able to bring hundreds of women into our world of modesty without sacrificing the end product! 

So exciting to help others bring Beauty and Confidence to more women around the world! Life is amazing when YOU can feel modest in all the areas we need and eliminating the extra fabric in all the areas we don't need them. Welcome to the world of Halftee, Confidence, Beautiful YOU!! 


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