Why Halftee Layering Shirts Expand Maternity Wardrobes

Let's start with why I decided to begin Halftee..... Two reasons...

1. Has any one ever been nursing, one arm is holding the baby and the other most likely holding up the shirt so that it does not fall onto the baby's face. Well, as life may have it and a lot of times when you have multiple children, you must use the 'holding hand to do something else."  Doing something else is not an option when you have a layering shirt on plus another shirt. It's too much fabric and without fail the two shirts will slip down and get in the way of the sweet angel just wanting a get a peaceful meal (again rare when you have multiple children). Well this was my dilemma, trying to nurse with two shirts. I was so tired of the juggling act. Why did I have to wear two shirts to wear only one. One day while I was nursing my little baby boy (number 5 in the Barker brood) I had had enough. Women needed a haltee, a shirt that gave the look of a a full layer but ended right under the bust. At the end of the day that is all we need, a little help with our arms and a little help keeping the "sisters" covered. 
Halftee for maternity
Halftee for maternity pink
2. If you are nursing a baby you just went through 9 months of "blissful" pregnancy. My favorite part of pregnancy are weeks 19-26, yes you got it about 7 weeks of the 40 I can say, I am pretty happy with being pregnant. During these months you can still feel like you are some what human and do all that needs to get done in a day  in a regular sorta way. Getting dressed each morning is still somewhat 'doable' as well. But as your belly continues to expand, it becomes harder and harder to layer your clothes. Without fail, the layering shirt is tugged and pulled all day long. Most the time it is riding (all crinkled up I might add) right below your boobs. So annoying, right!! The other obstacle, in your pregnant state is staying cool. If you are cooking a baby you are most likely cooking as well. Never quite comfortable, always needing to shed just one layer, before you melt away. Once again I found myself daydreaming of this wonderful little halftee. Ending right above my belly (where my full layering shirts ended up anyway) and then eliminating so much discomfort in the "over- heating" category. They are the perfect addition to any maternity wardrobe
Alas a shirt that I could nurse in, be pregnant in, be a mom in, carpool in, go on dates in, workout in, anything I wanted to do, with style and modesty I could do, in my Halftee. No more juggling when I was nursing my little ones. With the 2 inch signature band, it stays in place while nursing and is easy access when that peaceful meal is needed. No more riding t-shirts up and over the belly and no more excessive heat waves. I could still be super stylish in my maternity clothes and comfortable. This little creation had to be created. No excuses! So it was, with some old layering shirts and a Serger, the first Halftee prototype was made and sent off to China. I will ever love that day, that I was at a breaking point. It forced me to action and now women world wide are enjoying a little less hassle each morning they get up to get dressed. That is how it all began, a little mama just trying to make life a little less complicated in the world of womanhood. 


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