Layering is important for women and girls

When I decided to start Halftee, shortly after, we took a family trip to Disneyland. I love to "people watch," but on this trip I may have entered the realm of stalking. I wanted to see how many women and girls actually wore layering camis. It blew my mind how many women and girls spent the majority of their day pulling, tugging, and adjusting their camis, camisoles, under tops, and under shirts

All women of every size, every age, every culture were layering with an undershirt. It was crazy hot outside too, not only were they tugging and pulling their layers they were burning up. It was in those few days in Disneyland that I realized I was not alone in my layering world, fussing all day with the under shirt just to wear the top shirt I really wanted to wear. I even followed a woman wearing a Sari, she needed a Halftee too!! It was so exciting to think about all the women that were going to LOVE halftees. All I needed to do was get these things made. Layering is so important in our lives as women. For one thing layering is an amazing "look" in the world of fashion. Layering, adds dimension to what would be a "boring" outfit. Adding a pop of color under those button down tops or those simple v-neck t-shirts is a great way to add dimension and make a fashion statement. But guess what, we want the camisole look without the tugging and pulling, without the extra fabric and heat. We want to throw on a killer maxi dress and not find ourselves in a restroom lifting up our killer maxi dress and pulling down that camisole (we all have done that). We need to make our fashion statements with a Halftee, no more full camis, camisoles, under tops, or under shirts. Be confident, Be beautiful, Be you in a Halftee.


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