Long layering t-shirts or camisoles for modesty

A lot of women ask, "why didn't you start Halftee sooner?" We can't believe we have had to wait this long for something so great. All this time wearing our long layering camis and other layering t-shrts to help us be modest and we could have had Halftees. 

Well I agree, but let's go back in time a bit. It was around 8 years ago when I thought about how wonderful it would be to throw away all of my long layering t-shirts or camisoles or simply chop them off and have just exactly what I needed. Unfortunately it was around that she time that the blissful low rise jeans were super hot and in style. The major fashion dilemma that we were all running into was that our tops had not caught on to the fashion trends. So our jeans were hitting us lower on the hips but fashion had not extended the shirts to cover up the difference. Our midsections and bums were being exposed or they were covered up until we knelt down, bent over or lifted our arms up. Are you seeing the visual? Although we loved our new low rise jeans, plumber's crack was on a rise. We needed those long layering camisoles to help us keep the tummies tucked in and our bums under cover. Once again, fashion has evolved and with some time fashion has added the much needed length onto the t-shirts and beautiful tops so that wearing low rise jeans aren't such a hazard. Timing is everything! That transition really started happening about 4 years ago, exactly around the same time I was chopping my long tank tops off and designing the first Halftee. It was time to take the extra length off the camisoles and wear what we needed, coverage in the neckline and on the arms. So say good bye to all the hassle, all the fuss and say hello to Halftee. 


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