Cute summer tanks, tees or camisoles for girls

I was looking in my closet this morning, wishing so bad I could justify putting on a pair of shorts. I am so ready for the warm weather to hit. My kids are ready too. Both of my girls are starting to pull out those summer tanks and tees that have been tucked away, and wanting to bring them back alive with the weather warming up. I love layers on little girls. I love the cute summer tank with a long sleeve halftee, put together with a skirt and cute pair of legging, and topping them off with a cute pair of flats or boots. Little girls are loving their halftee, for the exact same reasons their mom's are. The layered look without all the bulk. They too are over the long layering tanks or camisoles.

One little perk my pre-teen daughter likes is that a Halftee doubles as a starter bra. They make her feel all grown up. Classic. We are coming to that wonderful crossroads of girl vs young women, so many things are changing. The biggest change that I am noticing is that there is a real desire to want to be older, look older, and act older. She is not quite sure what that means but she is constantly on a quest to be there. Of course she is quite sure she needs a bra, and I am quite sure that she doesn't (like really sure). Halftees have saved me in this aspect, they have granted me a little time, if you know what I mean and filled a "must have" in my daughters quest for maturity. 
My 2 year old little girl, never wants to take hers off. Just FYI a 4-6 halftee will fit a 2 year old. It is a little loose and the sleeves may be a little long but they work perfect. Everyday she asks, "where is my halftee," and I love just putting it under her Sunday dress or even her everyday shirts for a little extra warmth when she runs outside without a coat. She is a number one fan, but then again I am her mother not real sure if she has a choice. 
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