ABAYA, HIJABS, and JILBAB Islamic modest layering options

I have had much interest in other women's "reasons" for wanting to dress modest. The ABAYA & JILBAB need modest layering options as well.   They seem to have the same modes Modesty has always been my underlying reason behind, why I love Halftee Layering Fashions. In my religion, we as women, are asked to cover our shoulders and keep a modest neckline. I was reading about Islamic women, recently, and was taught a few of their personal obligations to their religion and beliefs. Their traditions about how to dress are extremely conservative  and as I read I appreciated the time, effort and sacrifice Muslim women are making as they dress each day, especially Muslim women that live anywhere outside her cultures' geographic location. Specifically Muslim women living in America, where fashion is seeping out of every pore in our society. Every magazine, commercial, billboard, portrays the ideal fashion conscious woman and it seems the more fashionable the less modesty plays a role. Muslim women are required to cover their whole body, especially their chests. Could a Halftee help a muslim women live up to her beliefs and still allow her some flexibility in her wardrobe? The traditional ABAYA and JILBAB, are long sleeved and high chested, usually loose in the fit, I wonder if a turtle neck would provide the same amount of coverage but give the Muslim women some options? Wouldn't that be wonderful! Just as Halftees has opened the doors of fashions for so many other women of other faiths, maybe Halftee could do the same for these faithful women. 

ABAYA & JILBAB need modest layering options

When we had the cart up at Fashion Place a group of Muslim teenagers approached the cart. Speaking in their native language. I could see the excitement in their eyes as they realized the possibilities a Halftee brought to them in their personal quests, young Muslim-Americans trying stay true to their faith and yet in some way "fit in." One little gal simple said "these would be a life saver" in the summer. We must cover our bodies, which means wearing two full shirts, one of which is long sleeved, all year round, these would be amazing." I never saw those girls again, but think of them often and marvel at their strength and faith! To all the Muslim women, young and old, let me know if we at Halftee can offer a solution to "your" fashion dilemma's. Would love to help!
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