Cute inexpensive easter dresses and outfits for my kids online

SO excited for the weather outside right now! It is sunny and the perfect temperature for little people and all of their imaginations. I woke up this morning and started thinking of all the things that I needed to get done, and I remembered that Easter is right around the corner.  I love Easter, I pretty much love any Holiday that is done and celebrated in a day. But Easter, is one of my Favorites, it brings with it the opportunity to really remember of our Savior and His sacrifice for each of us, and then to be able to celebrate that He lives, it is marvelous. Along with the celebration of Christ,  comes all the new life, little green leaves emerging from the ground, buds on the trees, grass trying desperately to turn green, made yard clean ups, I LOVE it all. 

I always waffle each year, "to buy Easter outfits for my kids, or not to buy. What are my hold ups? Well first is for my girls.... styles of Easter dresses, a little on the "too fluffy" for me and most of them are sleeveless. Another dilemma, do I have all the kids match and color coordinate? When you are color coordinating 7 different outfits, it becomes somewhat of a process. With the boys do we go with a boring old white shirt and super fun ties, or go with fun spring colored shirts and ditch the ties?
Good News?? Why yes there is, at least for my girls, anyway! I have Girlee Halftee Layering Fashions. In the past it has been so hard for me to buy the dresses only to have to buy a $20-$30 sweater to go over it. Not to mention because I spent that much money on a sweater, I would only allow them to wear it on Sundays. With the girlee Halftees they work perfect, you can use the basic, boyfriend, or long sleeve under most of the Easter Dresses and then they have their Halftee for everyday wear as well. What an investment! Girlee Halftee for Easter baskets are the only way to go! They come in white, black and pink. Perfect colors for the spring time!  I think I just came to a conclusion, Easter outfits are on this year.  Well at least my girls are getting new Easter dresses. Hmmmm... Cool ties/white shirts or cool shirts/ditch the ties....decisions/decisions.
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