Half t, Half-Tee, Half Tee, Half-t, or Half Shirt is what people call HALFTEE

It's kinda funny that everyone has their own way of spelling and pronouncing the name of HALFTEE.  Whether it's Half T, HalfT, Half Tee, or Half-Tee, we don't care, we are just happy you are loving our products!  We have been at this business of designing layering tees for women for many, many years now.  We are always asked how we spell our company name, and we usually get an odd look when we spell the correct way to them.  Most people want to know why we named the company this way, and it's a pretty simple answer.... we sell half shirts, so it just made sense to us to name our company HALFTEE Layering Fashions.  

Half Shirt is what people call HALFTEE

I'm not saying you have to spell our name the right way, we are just always entertained when people spell our company name in funny ways.  We had one person ask us why we named our company "HALF TREE", I am pretty sure that was the funniest one we've ever gotten.  They told me they thought it was some way for our company to go green.  Now that was funny!  When I told him we had nothing to do with "trees", we both laughed and got a kick out of it.  

Our company has grown so rapidly over the past 2 years, that we are so excited that people are searching for us, and using their own spelling for Halftee.  We are now on ShopNBC and the Shopping Channel in Canada, so as we grow, our brand is much more recognized and respected.  Women all over the world love what we've done, and that is the best compliment a company can get, to receive almost 100% positive reviews on their products.  This is the part of the business that has been the most satisfying, to see how much it helps people keep their wardrobes usable during seasons when they normally couldn't.  Isn't that amazing?  




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