I am a Mormon Woman and modest clothing and layering is important to me

I am an LDS woman, mormon woman, or woman in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Any of these names describe "what I am, at the very core." Because of this faith, and before Halftee, I was in a constant battle of wearing today's fashions and always needing extra coverage. As a mormon women, I often times feel so restricted, as I enter into a store to see the new styles for that season. A lot of the time I felt like I had a very "NO" experience as I combed through the summer tanks, maxi dresses, and sleeveless tops. The thought of wearing two shirts so that I could wear these styles was so frustrating. As a mormon women, I am committed to dressing modestly and keeping my shoulders covered and wearing a modest neckline. I can remember sitting rocking in my brown and gold retro rocking chair, wondering, "are Mormon women alone in their quest for Fashion and modesty."

wearing today's fashions
Over the past few years, I have found my answer over and over and over! LDS women are not alone, women world wide are constantly seeking ways to make fashion modest and to uphold higher standards in modesty as they dress each day. What I also realize is that LDS women have means of finding ways to help solve their modesty issues, and we need to spread the love. Women world wide are searching for ways to bring virtue and style together seamlessly. We, here at Halftee, have had the privilege to work with thousands of women, layer and dress in EVERY style with out the extra bulk, but with modesty. Hundreds of women have emailed, or left messages of how Halftee has changed there lives and have made their shopping experiences, "YES" experiences. Women world wide can walk into a store and have confidence that they can wear whatever they want, when ever they want to wear it. Say yes to that dress, yes to that tank, yes to that plunging neckline, with a halftee all of these are possible without comprising modesty. 
Be Confident- Be Beautiful- Be YOU!


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