HALFTEE on ShopNBC and The Shopping Channel in Canada

Well this week has been a very exciting week, we have been on ShopNBC as an anchor brand for one year. Also, the Shopping Channel in Canada, debuted Halftees on Wednesday. Noelle flew out on Monday to help with the production of the three- 30 minute segments. She was very excited, she had been working so hard providing before and after pictures, samples and whatever else they needed to make this debut a success from the first minute. When she got there she was able to help pull together outfits, the set and the script. Something she does extremely well. I love watching and waiting on the outfits she is going to be wearing and then what she has chosen for the models to help showcase the Halftee. Home Shopping Networks is the best way for Halftee to help women around the world understand the concept of wearing a half-shirt. So often we get blank stares, or the horrified, "I would never look like that in a half shirt!" Each of these reactions come from women who really don't understand what we are offering them: freedom, less bulk , and complete comfort! While Noelle dances around the set between the mannequins, samples, hosts, and models she is able to bring to life the brillance of the Halftee. She allows women to become excited about the opprotunities having a Halftee in there closet provides. 

The Shopping Channel, debuted the 3/4, long sleeve, peekaboo, and lace Halftee. All of which were received very well. I believe it was the 3/4 that won the war, as it always does! The 3/4 is one of my favorites and I am actually wearing the coral 3/4 under my favorite Target v-neck t-shirt. LOVE IT!  Next week Noelle is off to Minnesota for Fashion Day. Last time we aired on fashion day we sold out in 7 minutes. No joke! So stay tuned for a run down on how ShopNBC goes!

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