Jewish women's modest layering options

Traditional Jewish Women are drawn to our half shirts, here at Halftee. While there are small details which may differ from community to community, traditional women's Jewish clothing tends to include sleeves that cover the elbows, shirts that cover the collarbone, skirts that cover the knees and clothing that is not too tight-fitting. In some Jewish communities women also wear stockings or tights to help cover their legs. Needless to say they are very series about modesty. Jewish women have very similar dress standards as the women in the Muslim religion. Women in both religions have dedicated their lives to modesty. I read a little comment on Yahoo Answers from a young women that was getting ready to convert to Judaism. She was concerned with how she could dress within the tznius standards, and still keep some sense of style and fashion. So many women out there are wondering the same way. They are all looking for "solutions" to their constant struggles between their faith and their desire to look "put together." 

Jewish women's modest layering options
Ladies everywhere it is possible!! To this new young Jewish convert, we have a solution for you, Halftee Layering Fashions will give you the ability to shop at any store and wear any style (as long as it is not too tight) with complete modesty! I love reading about women that write to us almost daily about how our little half-shirts have changed their lives. My hope is to reach out to those women in the world of Judiasm, the women in the Muslim world, the Latter-Day Saint women, all women of every religion that care about keeping high modesty standards. Modesty can be Beautiful!! I want to add that there are tons of sites out there, that are dedicated to helping women dress modest. A few that come to mind.... Mikarose, JunieBlake, and Shade. Each of these stores deign with modesty and Fahion in mind. Keep up the good work. 

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  • jeanette rivero: December 02, 2018

    I want elegant but at the same time head pieces like Queen Esther and the dress like used the Benjamin tribe is possible?

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