Plus Size Layering and Clothing Options, XXXL XXL

This is for all of my XXXL Plus size layering ladies out there. Here at Halftee we are committed to empowering women of all sizes, to wear what they want, year round!! Here are she quotes we have heard just in the last couple weeks for our Plus Size Customers.... "Halftees have changed my life, I can wear so many more clothes out on the market." Halftees have read my mind, they cover exactly were I am most uncomfortable." I had a customer in today at the store and she kept going off on all the dresses and tops she has in her closet that she was going to pull out and wear with her new boyfriend halftee. Our Plus size women rant and rave about the wonderful benefits of having these little half-shirts in their closet.

Plus Size Layering and Clothing Options, XXXL XXL
At one of my first trade show, What Women Want, in Sandy, I had my first experience with a plus size women. This particular plus size women had a never ending battle with the, "sisters." She was fluffier everywhere but her chest was where she ran into the most obstacles. I handed her the biggest size we had which was a XL and it didn't work. One more size and she would of had her solution. She explained to me that day," Plus size clothes get bigger EVERYWHERE! My shoulders don't gain weight like my chest does, and yet plus size shirts grow bigger in shoulders as well in the chest area, causing all my shirts to fall off my shoulder. Not only would a halftee be great for the cleavage but it would be awesome to cover my bra strape when all my shirts fall off my shoulder." I had never thought about it, but it was true. After that experience I vowed to make sizes that would eventually fit all women, of all shapes and sizes!! We are continually on that path of providing the plus size women with THE SOLUTION, to give them the power to dress how they want, and have not restrictions based on their body size or today's fashions. Halftees let's YOU dress, YOU! 
Be Confident- Be Beautiful-Be YOU!


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