Summer Layering Tees and Camis

Bring out those summer layering tees and camis. We are getting closer to the sunshine and warmth that comes with late spring and summer. My favorite summer layering tee is my Halftee. Other summer layering tees, with all their bulk and tucking in or pulling down exhaust me. I love pulling out my favorite v-neck and popping a tank halftee under it. In fact one of my favorite t-shirts is Target's light weight perfect tees. They make a scoop and v-neck both of which look perfect with a tank halftee. I actually probably have 3 or 4 of these t-shirts. I would probably not have any if I had to wear the traditional summer layering tee under it. Wearing two full shirts would negate the perfect light fabric in the Target perfect t-shirt. I have to wear something under it because the v-neck is just a bit too plunging and all day I would be stressing each time I bent over. Hence the Halftee. 

My favorite thing to wear with my Target t-shirt and halftee are my Camo cargo shorts, Size 32 around the waist. My husband and I go the rounds about who's they are, but he always looses bc at the end of the day, I bought them, so naturally they are mine. I do let him borrow them ever once in a while. I love these shorts, and I love this style. Nothing is better than a perfect t-shirt, halftee, and big baggie cargo shorts. I wore an awesome pair the other day to work. The are plaid with little pink stripes and they have white skills all over them. I wore my black v-neck Target t-shirt, coral 3/4 halftee (it was a little chilly here on Friday) and those killer shorts. Everybody liked it but Noelle. That's ok can't please everyone!! HAHA. With summer right around the corner chuck all those old summer layering tees and stock up on your Halftees. It is time to cut the bulk and hassel. You will be happy you did!!


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