Katrina Lawrence

Here at Halftee (especially me personally) we have experienced a very tragic loss. Katrina Lawrence, one of my dearest friends in the world was taken in complications with child birth to a loving Heavenly Father. Team Katrina as everyone has been tweeting, face booking, texting and speaking about is still here, consisting of a loving father/husband, 5 sons and 1 daughter. Never before have I been so intimately involved in the passing of a loved one. I got a phone call from our best friend around 11 am, and was told to get to the Hospital quickly, Katrina was not doing well. I headed down and over the next five hours consoled her children, husband, parents, and loved ones, as we waited patiently for the outcome of the long drawn out surgery. 22-24 specialists/doctors were in the O.R. to assist in Trina's operation, and after 6 long hours and 25 pints of blood, she returned home. What does this have to do with me here at Halftee. I will never be the same, never look at life the same, her lose has forever etched in my heart how important family and friends are in this crazy world we call life. What does Katrina have to do with my Halftee blog?? Katrina was there at the very beginnings of Halftee. She and I spent hours working on brands, flyers, and contemplating how to get market penetration. She is a fabulous business women, and an incredible designer. She loved me through my insecurities and boosted me up so that I could see my potential. I love this dear friend and from the beginning of this Halftee chapter, she has been one of my BIGGEST fans. Over the next couple weeks we at Halftee will be doing a fundraiser of sorts to help Team Katrina in some monetary way, continue on with their journey here in mortality. Sooner that we know each of them will be reunited with their incredible kind, funny, beautiful mother. Thanks Trina for giving me the wings to fly and confidence to bring Halftees to women throughout the world!!


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