Midriff Layering Shirts For Summer

Alright so the classic midriff style layering shirt is here. When hasn't a midriff shirt not been in style? In the Western culture we have been somewhat resistant but in one way or another midriffs continue to creep into fashion.  Until now the midriff tops have not been used for modesty. In the the 1930's and 1940's, swimwear, began to incorporate increasing degrees of midriff exposure. Then in the 40s and 50s similar designs of midriff-baring suits and tops, although the style was more conducive to swimwear, informal events and still considered indecent to be worn in public. 

Midriff Layering Shirts For Summer

With the late 60's and 70's and the sexual revolution halters, tube tops and crop tops, or midriff -tops hit the seen with much force. During the 1980's, Madonna, appeared in the classic midriff in her performances and music videos, making this fashion spread widely. With the rise of navel display in Western societies, navel piercing, and navel tattoos these too helped keep the midriffs tops popular. Which brings us today. 

Once again midriffs have began to make appreances much in the same way as they looked in the 80's. The good news is that Halftee has taken a whole new approach to the midriff. I can't tell you how many women look at our marketing and say, "oh I can't wear that." or "Oh I would never wear that." SO hilarious! I quickly try to explain that we are not selling a belly shirt but a modesty layering shirt. The comments mostly come from the 50-60 year olds that went through the 80's and the big Madonna rage. The great part is, if these women stick around long enough for me to let them know the REAL purpose of a Halftee, those women buy every color and every style. Because they have finally found the midriff top that they will LOVE forever!!  Come see our options www.halftee.com.


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