Half tops and Crop tops for cheerleaders

Obviously in my opinion Halftee Layering fashions, with our amazing half-top/crop top halftee. Half top and Crop tops are a big industry especially in the cheerleading and dance world. Halftee has the perfect Half top and crop top for all of our dancers, cheerleaders, yoga pilates, and all other athletic sports out there. I was in Baskin Robbins once and a little cheerleader was standing there in her cheer uniform. She had a mock neck long sleeved turtle neck under it. I was super interested in how she kept her under shirt tucked in. She said it was a half top or a crop top. I asked her if it would be weird if I looked at the brand to see what company was selling a crop top or half top for cheerleaders. I couldn't find any info, but let her know that Halftee carried something very similar and it was made out of a much more comfortable fabric. She looked at me like I was a little bit crazy, but then smiled politely and said, "thanks." Ah the things you do when you own a company. 

Half tops and Crop tops for cheerleaders @halftee

So I have done a little research and one of the companions that sells a cheerleading half top is Cheerleading Company. The Cheerleading Company has a few different styles of half tops or crop tops. Their half top is made out of nylon and has a zipper in the back, which are not my favorite two ideas when you are jumping around and sweating. Again we need to introduce the cheer world to the world of Halftee right!! Team Cheer is another site offering mid-riff/ half tops and crop tops to the cheer world. But again nasty fabric is the worst. Pass on the good news to all your cheerleader friends and cheer coaches. Halftee has the perfect half top or crop top for their cheer uniforms, they will LOVE them! Come see our options www.halftee.com.

Half tops and Crop tops for cheerleaders


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