Canadian women's layering shirts and tees

Women in Canada are one of Halftee Layering fashions best customers. Canada layering tops, tees and camis are very scarce. In Canada a midriff or half shirt is a must due to the climate.  Canadian women understand that the new best way to layer is with Halftee Layering Fashions. Clear back three and a half years ago Halftee was featured on CJane Run. A wonderful blog written by a darling young women. From that blog post another fabulous women, and boutique owner, from Alberta Canada read that post and discovered the new opportunities of Halftee for her customers. Arlene Cook is the proud owner of Modest Is Hottest and ever sense that first order of Halftees for her store she continues to try to keep enough Halftees in her store. Arlene is constantly calling in an excited panic, "I need MORE Halftees!!" I love those words. We have had a similar experience with another vendor in Canada..... Come see our options

Canada needs good layering options

HALFTEE layering tops

In Febuary Halftee had its debut on The Shopping Channel, the home shopping network in Canada. It was amazing. Noelle did her "thing" and sold out in 3/30 minute shows. Several months later we had a similar experience and today as I type we are in a huge rush to keep up with the demand of The Shopping Channel's amazing customers. They GET it!! No more bulk, no more extra fabric when layering for Canadian women. The Shopping Channel customers are loving all of our wonderful styles. 3/4 leading the way but the basics and tanks are a close second. I am not too familiar with what sort of options Canada has when it comes to specific companies that specialize in layering t-shirts, but I seriously doubt that they have ever seen anything quite as unique and comfortable in their layering world as to what halftee can bring to their closet. It never ceases to amaze me the places Halftee Layering Fashions is going. When you start something you always dream. In fact on my goal sheet in 2010, the birth year of Halftess, I wrote that I wanted to sell 500,000 halftees to women. Now I didn't step back and really think about the cost of doing that kind of business, but as we grow and expand that goal is not nearly as "crazy" as I once thought it to be. Our goal (Halftee Layering Fashions) is to be a world wide recognized brand and to not only provide American women with Halftee but every women world wide. Am I Crazy?? I don't think so. Canada here we come, our next adventure London baby and then Australia! SO many women so little time!


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