What to wear under your scrubs for layering

What do you wear to layer under your scrubs?  My first ever show for Halftee Layering fashions was in St. George. So many women came up to my booth and said, "these would be perfect under my scrubs!!" The scrub wearing field needs Halftees. As a parting gift to my sweet nurses in the hospital, after having babies, I always gift them Halftees. They all rant and rave about how great the Halftee is under their scrubs. Nurses all wear scrubs. As we all know they work very hard and are constantly bending down, helping patients in and out of beds, wheelchairs, on their feet constantly keeping their patients happy. The scrubs are v-necked shirts so when they are tending to their patients nurses have to have something under their scrubs because often times while bending down or over the v-neck can be a bit revealing. But who in the world wants to wear two shirts when they are on the move as much as a sweet nurse. All of the medical industry, any women who wears scrubs, are constantly on the go, two layers is the last thing they want, just so they can have a little cover-up for the v-neckline. Halftees also provide that cute layered pop of colo, not only in the neck line but on the arm. This cute style helps out any drab pair of scrubs.

Halftee is under their scrubs
Halftees are the perfect solutions for our scrub wearers. Here is a quote from one of our fellow Halftee/Scrub wearers..
"It is always too hot or too cold on the floor and Halftees are perfect either way.  I always carry in my bag either a tank because i am wearing a 3/4 or a 3/4 because I am wearing the tank."
If you or a friend or co-worker, spend time sporting the "scrub" without a Halftee, get one TODAY! You will love them!! Come see our options www.halftee.com.


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