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8 Perfect Summer Dresses

Okay ladies, it’s time to talk about one of my favorite things: summer dresses! As a self-proclaimed summer dress aficionado, I believe they are the best part of anyone’s warm-weather wardrobe. There’s just no better way to look classy while keeping cool and comfy! I love nothing more than to skip around in a cute dress while wearing my favorite pair of sandals, and once you find the best dress for you, I can guarantee you’ll feel the same way! 

In order to make your summer shopping easier, I’ve compiled a list of 8 Perfect Summer Dresses, just for you! Each listing features a different store, the dress’s price, and its perfect Halftee pairing! Want to learn more about a featured product? Simply click on the product's picture!

Now, with no further ado, I present to you: 8 Perfect Summer Dresses!

 1. Halftee's High Low Dress

Halftee Pairing: Crew Neck Boyfriend

Price: On-Sale! $20.00

Of course I had to start my list with one of Halftee’s very own! It’s all highs and no lows when it comes to our High Low Dress. This light and airy dress is perfect for a day on the boat or a walk downtown! Select either watermelon or tangerine, pair with a Crew Neck Boyfriend, and get ready to make all the other summer-celebrators jealous of your style!

Don’t forget to check out the Apparel section of our site to find more gorgeous summer styles. Our dresses always sell quickly, so if you see something you like, be sure to jump on it!

2. Old Navy's Tiered Swing Dress

Old Navy Summer Dress   

Halftee Pairing: Mock Turtleneck Elbow Sleeve

Price: $34.99

I’ll always be one of Old Navy’s biggest fans. Their frequent sales and overall quality really has me hooked! It was so hard to pick just one of Old Navy’s summer dresses to feature on this list, but the Tiered Swing Dress took the cake. Available in coral, pink, black, and yellow, this stunning item will make you the talk of the town. Head on over to our site to pair this dress with one of our Mock Turtleneck Elbow Sleeve shirts! I personally think that the combination of black Halftee with the yellow dress option would be so striking in the summer sun!   

3. Target's Button Front Dress


Halftee Pairing: 3/4 Sleeve

Price: $27.99

My family loves to go camping over the summer. We always make tons of memories on the lake and in the cabin! The only down side is all of the bugs. I'll be a very happy woman if I never have to see a mosquito again. A 3/4 Sleeve Halftee of almost any color will give you just the coverage you need to stay warm in the forests' shade and to guard against any biting bugs! As much as I love this outfit pairing, please don't count on your Halftee to be your only protection against bugs! Never leave your bug spray too far away. 

4. Shein's Criss Cross Back Swing Cami Dress


Halftee Pairing: Waterfall

Price: $19.00

This absolutely stunning piece from Shein will instantly transform your typical summer look. Its long length and high waist make it suitable for a more formal summer evening. Pair it with a Waterfall Halftee for date night, or for a gorgeous family photo outfit! 

Side note: If you're like me and missed the Waterfall launch, be sure to sign up for our subscription service Club HT or follow our Instagram @Halftee for news about new products! The Cream Waterfall was a limited launch that may make a reappearance in Spring 2022, but we will be releasing the design in fall colors soon!

 5. The Pink Desert's Libby Floral Midi Dress


Halftee Pairing: Short Sleeve Peekaboo

Price: $42.99

Well folks, here is where the price point starts to trend upwards. But if you're willing to spend a little more to expand your closet, you won't be disappointed with these finds! The Pink Dessert's Libby Dress is the perfect item to dress up or down. While we're choosing to tip it more dressed up with the Peekaboo Halftee, a Basic Cap or Boyfriend could easily make it more casual! Plus, a pair of sneakers will still look awesome with this versatile dress. 

6. Downeast's Stripe Jumper


Halftee Pairing: Basic Cap Sleeve

Price: $48.00

Downeast has always been one of my favorite stores. I remember my mom and I going together all the time and having mini fashion shows in the dressing rooms. Its clothes are just as cute now as they were then! This cute Jumper Dress's lightweight fabric make it one of the best buys for summer. Plus, our basic cap sleeve adds all the coverage you may need without taking away from the dress's lightweight feel. 

7. Bohme's Vera Moda Warner Midi Dress


Halftee Pairing: Basic Tank

Price: $59.50

I don’t know about you, but summer makes me instantly pretend to be an extra in Mamma Mia! Anything that looks vaguely Greek is instantly added to my closet. This classy v-neck is perfect for anyone who wishes they could be exploring the streets of Kalokairi. Just so you don’t let worrying about a low neckline prevent you from belting along to Dancing Queen, add some more coverage with one of our bestselling Tanks! 

 8. Love Olive Co.'s Carousel Dress


Halftee Pairing: Bell Sleeve

Price: $59.99

One of my favorite things about exploring a new town is finding the locals’ favorite places to shop. Of course the reliable staples that are Target and Old Navy always pull through, but there’s just something special about shopping somewhere you’ve never heard of before. On a trip to Rexburg to visit some girlfriends at school, I was introduced to Love Olive Co. Their beautiful Carousel Dress features vibrant tiered colors, and is a match made in heaven for a Bell Sleeve Halftee! Plus, we may be introducing a new color sometime that would truly complement the Carousel Dress’s sunset hues. ( ;


I hope this list helps you in your summer wardrobe search! Remember as you're making memories this summer to tag us in your posts and use the hashtag 


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