10 Best Shapewear ideas for fashionable women

Let us show you 10 best shapewear products and ideas to layer your clothing. If someone asked which Halftee do I wear the very most? It would, hands down, be the TANK!!! I love the tank-- not only for  v-neck shirts and button down tops, but I love the tank as the "go to piece". You know those times when you don't NEED anything for 90% of the day, but when the 10%  happens i.e.. bending over or bra is hanging out, you really want to have the peace of mind that "all" is covered.  I have a personal experience with this....
10 Best Shapewear ideas for fashionable women @halftee
Beautiful day, I had one of my favorite shirts on ---light, flowing, rounded neck line, it doesn't necessarily, need, a Halftee but I always wear my tank under it, well almost always. I had just worked out,( yes it was the middle of the day, but I got my workout in nonetheless.) I was in a hurry to pick up the kiddos from school so slipped on my clothes without the usual tank Halftee. So let me  draw a picture---- I only had my favorite flowing shirt and bra on under it. My kids weren't quite ready yet and I was parked on the side patiently waiting for them to walk out. I noticed this little boy, hmmm probably 5th or 6th grade trying diligently to get his chain back on his bike. In my effort to be a good Samaritan I jumped out of my car to rescue this little guy from his bike malfunctions. "Hey can I help you get that chain back on?" I  asked and he of course said, "yes!" I was busily getting the chain back on (leaning over) and at the very tail end, when you turn the pedals to have the chain slip into all the right places, I looked down. I was mortified!!! I serially could see the grass through the bottom of my shirt. WOW. I can just remember thinking, this poor kid! Hopefully this poor little guy isn't scarred for life. Obviously I am! HAHA! Anyway my point... everyone needs a couple tanks, they are the perfect Halftee that provides the perfect coverage when you need it and in those times you don't "think" you need it. Put it on and I promise you will be glad you did!! Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.
Be confident! Be beautiful! Be YOU!

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  • Anna Decosta: November 19, 2017

    Lovely post!! Everything is mentioned sos clearly and in detail. Thank you for the post! Keep updating with more such blogs

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