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Thanksgiving Style Tips to Be Thankful For

The weather is now cool, leaves are changing colors, and the smell of pumpkin spice fills the air.

It is time to give thanks, gather with family and friends, and enjoy the holiday season. With Thanksgiving in mind, I bet you can guess what we are going to talk about… Thanksgiving style!!

Everyone’s Thanksgiving Day is unique. So, let’s talk about a few fall basics that can be incorporated into different outfits anywhere from casual to fancy!

First off, my favorite fall piece, sweaters. Fall is perfect for sweaters and sweaters are perfect for fall because… they are perfect for layering. They look great with turtlenecks or button downs underneath, but they also pair well with a coat or jacket on top if it is colder. Sweaters can easily be dressed up or down and bonus: they are COMFY!



A great fall basic which I just mentioned is turtlenecks/ mock necks. These are great for layering and adding dimension to any outfit. They give the perfect fall look. They are also going to give you warmth during the cold season, however if you live somewhere warmer, we of course have our sleeveless mock/turtlenecks Halftees SLEEVELESS MOCK NECK  that would work for you!! I love to style these with sweaters, dresses, and graphic t-shirts.


When it comes to top layers there are a few options. A more causal option could be a denim jacket, button-down/flannel, or shacket. SEE OUR FALL SHACKET. These are perfect for warmth and comfort and scream fall. However, if you want to dress your outfit up a bit, two options are a leather jacket or a blazer. Blazers are huge in 2022 fashion, and they are definitely going to be incorporated in this fall’s fashion!



Now let’s talk bottoms. There are a few options for bottoms that can work for you depending on your style. A classic denim jean is always an option. However, for Thanksgiving it is fun to switch it up a bit. A colored, flowy or wide legged pant is my go-to. The thing with pants and Thanksgiving is you want some stretch. With all the delicious food you are about to eat you want to be in comfy and stretchy bottoms!! So, if you are going to wear denim pants make sure they are a loose-fitting option or your “sittable” pants. But, if you are like me and just want to avoid jeans at all costs on Thanksgiving, the trendy wide-legged pants (example pictured below) are the perfect option. Of course, we can’t forget about skirts. Skirts are another comfortable option that look super cute with fall sweaters! A shorter skirt can be paired with sheer tights for extra warmth as well! But don’t rule out a 3/4 length skirt because those are trendy for fall, especially paired with an ankle boot.





That leads us into the last step in building your Thanksgiving outfit… shoes!! What shoe looks good with any fall outfit and is, therefore, the perfect Thanksgiving shoe? Boots!! Boots instantly add “fall” to any outfit. And the great thing about boots is that they come in all heights, colors, and materials. For a nicer look you can pull out a boot with a heel or a suede boot. If you are wearing a short skirt, you can try a knee-high boot. And there are chunky boots that pair well with more casual outfits. If boots aren’t for you though, there are plenty of other options such as a heel or cute lifestyle sneaker that can pair just as well with your Thanksgiving fit.



My overall advice when choosing your Thanksgiving outfit is stick to a fall color palette. This will make all the difference in your outfit. Neutrals are perfect, any shade of tan or brown. For a pop of fall color try mustard yellow, maroon, navy, burnt orange, or deep mauve.



Thanksgiving fashion should be comfy but cute! This way you can participate in all of your Thanksgiving traditions while also looking stylish<3




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