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5 Special Fall Activities You Can Only Do in Autumn

Fall has to be my favorite time of the year, with the trees changing and pumpkins popping up everywhere. Don't get me wrong I love summer and spring is so refreshing but there are a few things about fall that you can't get with any other season. Autumn or fall, however you describe the season of golden leaves drifting the ground, I think we can all agree there are so many fun and exciting activities to enjoy at this time of year.

Plus, there are so many great festivals and celebrations that fall during the autumn season such as Harvest Festival, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Dia de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead, Rosh Hashanah, Moon Festival, Oktoberfest, Loi Krathong, and more.

And so, to get you in the mood for this season we have put together an epic, “best things to do in autumn” list. If you are looking for the best things to do this fall, hopefully, you will find some fun autumn activities from this list to share with friends and family.

We love that back-to-school excitement, the changing colors of nature, the crispness of the air as it gets cooler, dressing in layers of clothes (especially adding longer sleeves in our Halftees), adding warming spices to our food, and the coziness of the night drawing in.

As you wrap up your bucket list of summer things to do, you now can start making checkmarks off your fall bucket list. And let’s face it, from brilliant colored leaves falling to the sweet smell of pumpkin spice, there’s a bit of magic when it comes to fall. Whether you are harvesting crops or just seeking to harvest family memories, this ultimate list of fun autumn activities will keep you pleasantly busy.


5 Things You Can Only Do In The Fall That You Can’t Do Any Other Season

1. Apple Picking

With the fall season comes apple picking, sure you can pick out what apples you want from the produce section of your closest

grocery store. But if you ask me, picking the fresh ripe apples in the fall sounds like a much better plan to me.



2. Going for a Hayride

Have you ever seen people riding a hayride in any other season? I have not. That's why this fall activity is one of the best! For me, this activity was always a tradition every time I went to a fall festival or pumpkin patch! There's just something about riding in the bed of a truck sitting on hay enjoying the evening sunset and crisp air.



3. Carving Pumpkins

Now I'm sure you could hunt down pumpkins and carve them whenever you had that urge, but carving pumpkins during the Halloween month is extra special. Being able to go to a pumpkin patch, pick the biggest and brightest pumpkin, and bring it home to create a one-of-a-kind piece is always spook-tacular!



4. Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday and we could pretend to celebrate it in the other seasons but what fun would that be? There's something magical about being someone/something new for a night. Going costume shopping and the anticipation of showing everyone what/who you will be!

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5. Digging up your sweaters, boots and longer sleeve Halftees!

Find your fall clothes, add your favorite fall/winter Halftee sleeves and enjoy cooler weather layering throughout the entire season! I love sweater weather!


Pull on your snuggly sweaters and grab your pumpkin spiced latte... it’s time to enjoy all the wonderful things to do this autumn. As an added bonus I have included an awesome guide I found online for the 100 best Autumn activities! See how many you can accomplish! And have a BLAST!



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