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Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Winter!

Nothing gets me more excited than winter being just around the corner! In my opinion, the mountains never look prettier than when they are covered with snow. The perks that come along with the winter season aren’t too bad either! I’ll take no bugs and fun holiday festivities over the heat of summer any day! As we start to feel the temperatures drop even more, it gives us another chance to reevaluate our style and our closets. I love being able to take pieces from my fall wardrobe and adjust them slightly to make the perfect winter piece!


One of my fall pieces that I love transitioning to winter is my sweater vest. Sweater vests have definitely come back in style, and I hope it’s one to stay! I love sweater vests because they can be so versatile. They truly can be worn in all seasons, but my favorite time to wear one is in winter. To style a sweater vest in winter simply take your favorite long sleeve Halftee, and wear it underneath. I typically wear my sweater vests with a pair of straight leg or wide leg jeans and do a front tuck to give my body a nice silhouette. My favorite Halftee to wear under my sweater vests is the Long Sleeve Turtleneck Halftee, but you can also wear it with the Long Sleeve Halftee. Both styles are shown below! The added Halftee gives more warmth to your sweater vest to help you withstand those cold winter temperatures.


Similar to a sweater vest, another great item to wear over a Halftee is a puffer vest. This season we have started to see a resurgence in the popularity of this piece, and I am here for it! Halftee's are the perfect under-layer for puffer vests just like they are for sweater vests. For those colder winter days when a sweater vest just won’t cut it, pull out your favorite puffer and long sleeve Halftee, and you are good to go! The great thing about these vests is they’re typically more neutral in colors which means you can really explore with more colorful Halftees! For example, pair the Blush Long Sleeve Halftee (or even the Army Green Long Sleeve Camo Halftee if you're feeling adventurous) with a zipped up black puffer, and you’re good to go! Another bonus of puffers is they can easily be dressed down with a pair of leggings and sneakers or dressed up with some jeans and cute booties. Either way, they give you all the comfort and warmth of a coat without the added bulkiness. They truly are a great staple!


When I’m needing to dress a little fancier in winter, my go-to combination is the Sleeveless Mock Neck Halftee with a long sleeve dress. The great thing about this Halftee is it goes well with any dress. I love that it’s a tank top because there is no possibility of bunching with tight-sleeved dresses! Adding the Mock Neck Halftee under a dress gives added comfort, warmth, and a fashionable touch to your outfit. It’s the cherry on top! Another plus is that when you need a little extra warmth, you can easily throw on a cute sweater over your dress and Halftee. One trick to wearing a sweater with a dress is using a belt to accentuate your waist. Sometimes a sweater over a dress can hide your figure, but with this trick, this problem is solved! Simply put the belt on over your dress. Next, throw your sweater and tuck it back under the belt and fluff out where needed. An easy way to accentuate your waist while keeping yourself warm! I always feel like a pro when I layer three items successfully, and this is an easy way to do so. You can’t go wrong with it!

Another trend I have seen coming in style this winter are cardigans. I love cardigans because they are so versatile and cozy. An easy way to style cardigans is with a Halftee. I style my cardigans with the Sleeveless Mock Neck Halftee, or if I am wanting a little bit more warmth I go with the Long Sleeve Turtleneck Halftee. I put on either of these Halftees, and then button up my cardigan over it. A quick and easy way to make it look like you put a lot of time and effort into your outfit without actually having to do so! Cardigans are perfect to wear with leggings, jeans, and even skirts. My favorite cardigan combination right now is the Sleeveless Mock Neck Halftee with a cardigan tucked into a midi-length skirt. Throw on some heels or booties, and you have the perfect winter church outfit!

We all have those days where most of all we want to be comfortable, but we don’t have to compromise our style! My favorite way to stay comfortable without compromising my style is by pairing a cute (but cozy) sweatshirt with the Sleeveless Mock Neck Halftee. (If you haven’t been able to tell this Halftee is one of my favorites:) ) This is seriously my go to combination. Adding the Halftee underneath truly elevates your outfit and gives slightly more warmth with minimal effort! I rarely will wear a sweatshirt without throwing on this Halftee. For days when the sun is out and temperatures are a little warmer, I like to pair the Mesh Long Sleeve Halftee with my favorite graphic tee. This is a super easy way to elevate a comfortable and reliable look! If your main goal is coziness, pair it with leggings and some fun sneakers. If you are wanting to look a little more fancy, pair it with your favorite maxi skirt like the picture below shows!


Writing this blog post has gotten me even more excited for winter to arrive. Nothing beats the comfort of winter clothes (especially when paired with a Halftee)! Sweater vests, puffer vests, and cardigans are all perfect pieces to incorporate into your winter wardrobe. After reading this blog post, you’ll be a wiz at how to style them! When in doubt, layer, layer, layer this winter season!


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