Layering Fashion Ideas: 5 Ways To Style A Halftee

Our Favorite Ways to Style a Halftee

 Not sure how to style a Halftee? Today we're sharing all of our favorite ways to incorporate Halftees into your favorite looks.

For some silly reason, getting dressed can be a tedious and stressful process for many women. This fact is so unfortunate! Women’s fashion and getting dressed should be an exciting part of every woman's day. It's the perfect way to tell the world who you are as a person and what your personal style is all about. 

But a lot of times, there are outfits that you might want to wear, but because a dress is sleeveless, a blouse is too revealing, or a jumper is cut too low, you don't reach for it when it comes time to get dressed. That's where the Halftee comes into play for fabulous women’s fashion! Getting dressed for the day or evening, regardless of what you have on your agenda, is easy when you have Halftees on your side.

Styling outfits is fun for a lot of women. But for others, it's a daunting task — a burdensome chore, even! So, today, we are diving into our favorite ways to wear Halftees, no matter what you have to do that day. 

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5 Ways to Style a Halftee

Here are our favorite ways to style a Halftee:

1. Under Your Favorite Tank Top or Blouse

Whether the weather is too cold to bare your shoulders or décolletage, or you prefer a more modest look, you can rock your favorite tank top or blouse with a Halftee

For those wanting an outfit with more shoulder coverage, there are so many options in terms of sleeve lengths that will give you precisely what you want! Our original boyfriend tee or cap-sleeved top is the perfect Halftee to wear with tanks during the spring and summer months.

When temperatures drop, but you still want to wear a sleeveless shirt, Halftee has you covered (literally!). The mid-sleeves are perfect for transitioning between seasons and spring and fall weather. Our long-sleeved Halftees are ideal for layering your tank tops (and really any other top you wear) all winter long.

2. Beneath a Trendy Jumper or Dress

Rompers, jumpsuits, or jumpers — regardless of what you call them, they have all been having major moments this year and will likely be on-trend for years to come. Moreover, dresses seem to be all the rage, too! These pieces are wardrobe staples!

Oftentimes, these pieces are sleeveless or have a deep V-neck or plunging neckline. While these styles work for some people, others prefer to have a more modest or covered appearance, making Halftees the perfect addition to your outfit. The Halftee's different necklines and sleeve styles allow you to bring your warm-weathered jumpers into other seasons. 

3. Beneath Your Work Attire 

Do you dress up for work or dress down? Whether you're wearing scrubs, business attire, or something in between, there's a Halftee for you! For office settings, for both business and business casual, you can opt for a more elevated material like our lace or silky options. If your uniform or dress code is a bit more relaxed, just about any of our other Halftees will be perfect for you!

4. Under Layers for Added Warmth

As the temperatures drop, many of us start looking for ways to add some extra layers for additional warmth. Staying warm during the cooler months is key; however, extra layers usually mean extra bulk. Thankfully, Halftee makes layering for warmth practical and flattering!

Whether you're heading to a corn maze or going on a daytime walk this fall, hitting the slopes to ski or snowboard, or you are going caroling during a blizzard, layering is essential, and the best, most effective way to do it and complement your figure is with your favorite long-sleeve Halftee

5. Paired with a Formal Look

Going to a formal event is exciting! Whether it's a big work event, holiday party, or even prom, these events are something to look forward to. But finding the right thing to wear, especially if being modest is a priority, can be daunting. So stressful that it takes all the fun out of women’s fashion – something that should be really fun!

If you've found a dress to wear to your event that you absolutely love, but the cut of the neck or sleeves doesn't suit you or is too revealing, don't worry! You aren't out of luck. In fact, just the opposite. Halftee has your back. Our Peekaboo Tank Halftee features lace that will elevate your already fancy look. Or you can pair one of our skin-colored Halftees with your dress to make cut-outs and low necklines more modest. 

Style Your Favorite Look with Halftee!

Style a Halftee with ease by implementing any of these wardrobe staples!

It doesn't matter what outfit you have in mind; you can always pair it with a Halftee! With Halftees, you can enjoy modest layering without adding additional layers and volume or uncomfortable heat. The innovative Halftees were designed with ultimate comfort in mind, and thanks to our signature 2" band, your Halftee will stay in place, right where you want it to be. Our versatile tops come in many styles to match your aesthetic and any look.

Halftees are awesome because they can be worn for all occasions, regardless of the weather, making any of your looks modest and something you feel 100% confident and comfortable wearing. Whether you're going to class, heading to the office for meetings with clients, relaxing at home, attending a formal event, or doing errands downtown, Halftees will make getting dressed an enjoyable, easy, and exciting process! 

Our revolutionary tops are the perfect underlayer and wardrobe staples for all your favorite articles of clothing and can be paired with tops, dresses, rompers, jumpers, and more. We truly believe that everyone deserves to feel fabulous and confident in their skin and what they're wearing! 

This is why, regardless of your personal aesthetic, you will find a neckline, sleeve length and style, and solid color or print that best suits your style.

Check out our online selection and get layering without the bulk as you style your looks this fall and winter.


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