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10 Steps To a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table: A guest blog by Jo Thompson

My favorite part of entertaining during the holidays is setting a beautiful table. A beautifully set table will delight your guests and sets the mood for the meal.  If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, think of your home as your personal decorating laboratory where you can be free to experiment.  Your decorating style doesn’t have to be set in stone.  If you want to be traditional, rustic, modern or vintage, just do what makes you happy, after all, it’s your home!
It takes time to plan and pull the items together.  This is a great time to use and show off those family heirlooms, polish the silver and iron the linens.  I like to mix my vintage pieces with modern pieces, the Items don’t need to match, they just need to coordinate. And remember that thrift stores are a great place to find inexpensive and interesting vintage pieces that will add character to your table.  A beautifully set table is all about color, texture, shape and layering….  So let me show you how to set a beautiful Thanksgiving table in ten easy steps….

#1  Start by choosing the theme (Thanksgiving) and the color scheme. The tablecloth (if you are using one) will be your primary color


#2  Next, choose the color for the napkins.  Here you can mix and match for more color


#3  Add placemats or chargers plates or both to define space

#4  I like to place the napkin under the plate and eliminate the use of napkin rings.  Always use cloth napkins

#5  Everyday white dishes are always a good choice for the dinner plate and layer with a patterned plate (this plate will be removed and put aside and used as a dessert plate)

#6  Add the flatware placing the salad/dessert fork, depending on if the fork will be used for a salad or for dessert, in the proper place…  

#7  Add stemware…A water goblet and wine glasses if you are serving wine

#8  Add a centerpiece of flowers, foliage, and candles.  I like using votive candles sprinkled throughout the table and centerpiece

#9  I always use place cards if I am seating more than 4 guests to put the guests at ease at that awkward moment of “where do I sit?”

#10  A final and charming touch is a small “take home gift” at each place.  It can be something as simple as a pretty foil wrapped candy, or decorated cookie wrapped in cellophane a mini loaf of pumpkin bread.  It’s a thoughtful touch that your guests will appreciate.

And that’s all there is to setting the perfect holiday table. Whether you are setting a table for 2, 4, 6 guests or more, using the 10 steps will help you create a beautiful and inviting table. Table decorating is fun and there is “magic” to be found when creating something beautiful!

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