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You Need These Top 3 Summer Fashion Accessories

The end of May is fast approaching, and we all know what that means... summer! The final school bells are ringing, the temperature is climbing, and the pressure is on to look cute in the sun. But how does one achieve the perfect summer look without sacrificing their values? By accessorizing with a Halftee, of course!

I simply adore summer. I remember as a kid counting down the seconds, just waiting until I could be free from homework and the stress of school. As I get older, my excitement for summer only grows stronger. On the other hand, my excitement for summer shopping has almost fizzled out. It’s just so difficult to find modest clothing!

My favorite stores, Target and TJ Maxx, always stock their shelves with what seem to be the cutest clothes! Unfortunately, the moment I move in for closer inspection, I find that my eyes have been deceived. Though the colors and patterns are perfect to embrace the new season with, the cuts are always lacking. I’m either left baring my shoulders, trying to pin a plunging neckline or both! In the past, I’d try my best to find undershirts (Downeast, Walmart, you name it!), but I always hated trying to tuck them in and prevent weird lines in my capris.

I am so excited to launch into this summer knowing that Halftee has all my problems covered- literally!! They are truly THE must-have fashion accessory for summer. Let’s go through my list, shall we?

1. Basic Cap Halftee

First off, we have my personal favorite from Halftee’s short sleeve products: the Basic Cap Sleeve Halftee. This wardrobe essential is always a winner. Pair it with a tank to instantly elevate your look and prepare for a fun day out with friends!

2. Sleeveless Turtleneck Halftee

My next summer Halftee pick is the Sleeveless Turtleneck Halftee! I managed to snag the cutest wrap dress from an Old Navy clearance sale, but the neckline goes all the way to Venezuela! Luckily for me, I stopped by the Halftee storefront in Lindon a few months ago where they just happened to have one of these shirts in stock. While I don’t have any fun pics of me in this outfit, enjoy this gorgeous styling from Ari!

3. 3/4 Sleeve Halftee

The final pick to accessorize your summer look that I’ll leave you with is the 3/4 Sleeve Halftee. During my trip to Lindon, I managed to grab this product in red. I am very much looking forward to styling it with a little denim dress for my town’s annual Fourth of July parade. The length is perfect to protect your arms from the sun while keeping you at the optimal temperature.

So now when you’re prepping to kill your summer strutting, don’t despair at the lack of modest options! Remember that Halftee is always here to keep you comfortably you.


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