Countdown to the Perfect New Years Eve Outfit - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

Countdown to the Perfect New Years Eve Outfit

With the holiday season on the come up, we all know that means… parties! The holiday season requires lots of cute & stylish outfits. Specifically New Year's Eve, it's vital to ring in the new year correctly. Meaning you MUST have the right outfit; accessories and all. Let’s countdown to the perfect outfit.

10-The Focal Point

The foundation of every outfit is the outer clothing. In our case a cute New Years Eve dress. "Evening Party Wear" typically means darker colors but, it's new years?! So spice it up with a little shimmer or sequins. Keep the dress short or go for a midi look whatever you like the most.



Listen, wearing a dress for new years is essential. Unfortunately, New Year falls in the dead of winter. Which means we are layering! Keep the look classy with a Halftee mock neck or a turtle neck! Either one will do the trick. Go for a black halftee to make sure the look is consistent. Now we have clothing covered. Phew!



An outfit is no good without the perfect shoes to pair it with. This outfit requires a simple but dimensional shoe. We are sticking to black again for consistency. We aren’t doing a boring black pump though. A strappy heel for the win with horizontal lines for simplicity. Make sure to use your best model walk at the party!

7- Hair

New Year's Eve hair should be sleek and elegant. Embody that perfectly with a slick back hairstyle. Part it down the middle and have a low ponytail. Throw in a braid on the pony or curl it for that extra little dimension to your hair.



6-Hair Accessorizing

A slick back look is always a classic but doing something fun for the new year is a must. Headbands are all the rage right now. Puffy, textures, bows, etc. the options are never ending. For a New Years look we want to keep the black look and go for a knot headband. Not boring yet, not busy.


5-Eye Makeup

We all have our own base makeup routine but when it comes to eye makeup, a little inspiration never hurt anyone. Going a little out of your comfort zone for new years is refreshing. The whole look is black so our eye makeup should be lively and POP! Gold is the perfect compliment to black. A shimmery gold on our lids and smudge it out with some burnt oranges and browns. If you are no makeup guru (most of us aren’t) youtube is your best friend for eye looks!



No makeup look is complete without the lips. For a cohesive look with the gold eyes,  aim for a neutral lip. Whatever is flattering on your skin tone, blushes, taupes, and browns are your go-to. 



That chipped nail polish from three weeks ago? Yeah, it's time to rub it off and give your hands a fresh look. Not everyone has time or the funds to go to the salon so your best bet is a simple at home manicure. Run to your local convenience store and grab a fake nail kit. Black and gold are fun to keep the look together or just go for whatever you like! It's up to you!


Any gold necklace or bracelet will suffice for this look. Do one or the other or both!

A simple gold chain is your best bet paired with small gold hoops and a gold bangle if accessible to you. Keep it simple and classy!


1- Excitement

Having a fun outfit is no good without the attitude to go with it! Get ready for fun, ringing in the New Year! Put on a smile to match those pumps and have a Happy New Year!




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