How To Get Your Closet Ready For The New Year

How To Get Your Closet Ready For The New Year

A smoky aroma fills the air as the fireworks burst into vivid colors signifying a celebration of a new year. The bright light glints gently off of the warm mug of cocoa steaming begging for a sip. She shifts her gaze from the floating marshmallows to the sleeve of the coat she’s worn a thousand times. There’s the blue faded ink stain she’s never been able to remove from her tan wool fabric. Her thoughts shift to the less than flattering images of her closet where she left her jumper crumpled on the floor amongst the hangers compressed tightly together wrinkling most of her clothes. “I’ve got to go through my closet,” she thinks to herself. I have definitely been this girl and maybe you have too. Let’s talk about how to get your closet ready for the new year!


Acquire Matching Hangers

If you love to hang your clothes up, this tip is for you! You may have mismatched hangers cluttering your closet breaking up the congruence and flow of your space. Upgrade your closet with matching hangers for a sleek look of uniformity and tidiness. You’d be amazed at the subtle yet effective difference this makes! I got this cute tip from Shea Whitney. You can find it here at marker 1:39 in her video. She has some other great ideas on her list you won't want to miss!


Best Folding Practices

Now, maybe hangers aren't your favorite. Not to worry! I have a great tip for folding that will have your clothes neatly placed in your drawers. You can even apply this to your drawers full of Halftees

You simply fold your shirts into vertical thirds, then fold in half, then fold the remainder into  thirds from there. Once you’re finished with that your shirt should be able to sit up instead of flat on it’s side. Your clothes will be stacked vertically instead of horizontally. This will allow for you to see the colors of your clothing and prevent wrinkling as your clothes will not be compressed by the weight of a stack. You can see a video representation of this folding style below.


Designate A Space

The best way I have found to organize my Halftees is to give them a designated bin, or drawer for each sleeve. I have so many Halftees that I’ve found it SO valuable to have a designated place to keep each style. It’s saved me so much time to have a place for each sleeve. It keeps me from digging through the sleeves and ruining what I have folded. Whether it’s the Boyfriend Sleeve, Tank, Long Sleeve, etc. I know exactly where to find what I’m looking for.  



Create Better Habits

If you have a cluttered closet as I’ve had in the past, you know how hard it is to change when it’s second nature to give that shirt a quick skim before it is tossed to the floor or on the bed. When you decide at the last minute what you are going to wear, you will feel more flustered thus more likely to toss your clothes off to the side in the rush of things. Unfortunately, this leaves them crumpled on the floor or piled on the bed to be picked up later. A great tip to help this habit would be to pick out what you are going to wear in advance such as, the night before. Look at your calendar at the beginning of the week to scope out specific events you want to dress well for. The next morning when the event takes place, you no longer have to go through clothes like you’re swiping left through a dating app. It will save you time as well as keep your closet and bedroom neat especially as you go into the new year in the hopes of bettering yourself.



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