Myth Busted: Anyone can style with a Cap Sleeve!

Myth Busted: Anyone can style with a Cap Sleeve!

There are so many differing opinions on the do’s and don’ts for styling with a cap sleeve. Many feel a cap sleeve makes their arms look wider, or cut their arms in an unflattering way… This can get frustrating and confusing for those of us who want that limited sleeve line, but feel we can’t achieve it.  Don’t you worry girl- we’ve got you covered. With these tips and ideas, you can wear your cap sleeve tops with confidence and ease. And let me bust the myth…. ANYONE can wear a cap sleeve, you just have to find the right one, and style it correctly!


Let’s Start with what a Cap Sleeve is:

A cap sleeve is the shortest sleeve you can have that isn’t a tank. It caps over the tip of your shoulder on the top and tapers just at the underside of the armhole at the armpit. (1) This sleeve length is typically form fitting and doesn’t leave room between the fabric and the skin. (2)

Origins of the Classic Cap Sleeve

Cap Sleeves were invented for the military during WW1 as an item to wear UNDER uniforms. Fabrics changed and supply dwindled so we started to see more undershirts made as tank tops. Our very first glimpse of layering with a cap sleeve. When servicemen had down time they would take their top uniform layers off and use these under layers as a more laid back, less hot, casual option. In the 1920’s some started to wear it as a fashion statement but it was not widely accepted by any means. It took 70 years for the style to really take hold to be worn as an everyday style and not just an under layer. It’s now a staple piece in its simplicity, and for its modest coverage. It became a solution to many of our fashion problems. (3) 


Who Looks BEST in a Cap Sleeve:

Women with narrow shoulders and smaller busts tend to look the most flattering in cap sleeve tops. A cap sleeve, particularly ones with a wide neckline, make your shoulder width appear broader, which provides shape and stature to a regularly narrow stature. When the sleeve of the cap sleeve rests at the middle of your bust line, this also makes your bust appear larger. (4)

Do you have wider hips? A cap sleeve can also draw attention up towards your shoulders and away from your hips. It creates a balanced look giving a magical illusion of a more hourglass figure. (5) QUICK TIP: Adding a fuller skirt can ALSO help create the hourglass illusion for those who are broader shouldered and hippie already. Using a full skirt, you recreate that hourglass look on your broader shoulders and wider hips… I told you ANYONE could wear a cap sleeve!

LOOK HERE FOR SOME EASY TIPS ON DRESSING FOR YOUR BODY TYPE (6) and don’t miss this video on the perfect sleeve for you! (7)

What makes a cap sleeve great?:

It adds a little elegance, yet it’s so simple! It sets you a part from the other sleeves and creates a graceful line, particularly if it’s an angled cap and not a horizontal one. (8) There are so many fun cap sleeves these days with cute flare, shape and texture (9-13). If you, like me, need to cover your shoulders for religious observance or personal preference, some of these adorable styles- while technically cap sleeve, won’t provide the TRUE coverage you need. That’s where HALFTEE solves your problems. You CAN still wear those adorable tops… For all of these adorable tops below we run into a slight problem, and many of would put it back on the rack and pick something else, even though we REALLY love the way it looks. If you have a basic cap sleeve HALFTEE in your closet, you never have to say no again!


Here is HOW to use a Basic Cap Sleeve Halftee to style with these beautifully designed cap sleeve tops:

A cap sleeve can be dressed up or dressed down. You can wear them as your under layer, or as your main layer. No matter your body type, you CAN wear a basic. My final personal tip is this…. If you truly feel the cap sleeve hits your arms in an unflattering way- find ways to layer with a longer underlay, a cute blazer, or buy a size larger so the sleeve rests on your skin rather than conforms to your skin. Don’t be afraid of the cap sleeve. I’m leaving you a few other links (14-16) to tips for styling with a cap sleeve, but remember- with HALFTEE you can bust the myths, and YOU can wear EVERYTHING when styling with Halftee!

Make every day a FASHION YES DAY. Happy Shopping!







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