Spring Styling with Halftee - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

Spring Styling with Halftee

Hi, I’m amanda Barker! I just got back from Walmart and I found some super fun finds I wanna share with you… I’m gonna style them all with Halftee! Super cute looks for Spring 2022! Come style with me!

First- I found this adorable sleeveless denim dress with a white block chunk at the bottom… It’s So darling! I love the waist band on me. I am a rectangle body and so things that add an automatic waist line are perfect for me. I styled it with the boyfriend sleeve crew neck. I love the pop of color on my collar to give a little more dimension to this look!. The sleeve length is great! One of my favorite Halftee’s. I paired this look with some brown booties that pretty much go with everything. Loving this look!

Second- Who doesn’t need a really cute neutral 3 button down cardigan? Start this look with a Halftee, like our floral mesh that was a new launch in 2022! The florals, prints, and different patterns are super trendy. Style it with a neutral cardigan or sweater that you can button up, and stinkin’ cute  high waist jeans with a cute cut! Can’t go wrong!


Third- I thought this plaid top was SOOO stinkin’ cute and springy! I bought it in an XL, just because I love to layer, and kind of wear flannel and lighter layered tops as a jacket over my Halftees. I changed out my Halftee- back to the crew neck boyfriend! Those sleeves hit just above mid arm and the Halftee fits just under the bust line. I love Halftee with button ups! I feel like the Halftee adds some dimension to the overall outfit, when we put on different levels of clothes. So different layers just adds to our outfit all together (one reason I love FALL fashion!). I styled this oversized top with the same jeans from above. This oversized top makes a really cute casual look. Used the same brown booties- very simple, relaxed but put together look.


Now everyone knows how much I love a nice, cute graphic tee. Adding our blue floral mesh will give just a touch of femininity under the graphic tee. The overall look is super cute. You could soft tuck the tee, knot it, or even belt it. So many options.  I kept my brown booties on again with this one- and viola. The Halftee’s giving a little feminine edge and this vibe is so cute for spring or summer!


Now the final piece- you CANT forget a jumper! I love that this jumper is cropped. When you crop something, that automatically SCREAMS spring time! This jumper has this cute little tie (I did have to tighten it up a little bit), I am bringing back the plaid top from the third outfit. I love layering with long sleeve linens. The overall look is a nice spring layer look with the cute pinks and blue. The Halftee allows me to get the coverage I need and the ability to take over the long sleeve layer if it’s a particularly warm that day.


There you have it! 6 pieces, styled with a Halftee and mix n’ matched for multiple cute outfits for Spring! 

This Youtube video shows you just how we styled these Walmart finds! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more ways to style with Halftee!


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