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Halloween Layering Shirts and Tops for Women

Happy Halloween from HALFTEE!  Can I be honest? Halloween is not my favorite holiday; in fact; it could possibly be at the bottom of my list. The costumes give me... Read More

Basic HALFTEE Layering Top For Women

Ode to the Basic Halftee. The basic halftee was the first ever Halftee I had designed.. The Basic Halftee Layering Tee is the "catch all". It is the go to... Read More

HALFTEE voted #9 fastest growing companies in Utah County in Business Q magazine

Last night I had the privilege (I thought I was being tortured) to attend the beautiful Utah Valley Top 50 companies banquet. Noelle passed on this assignment since she and... Read More

HALFTEE Layering Fashions

 HALFTEE is the ultimate layering essential for all women's wardrobes.  Half Tee has become an essential piece for women all over the world, and is now allowing women to wear... Read More

What to wear under your scrubs for layering

What do you wear to layer under your scrubs?  My first ever show for Halftee Layering fashions was in St. George. So many women came up to my booth and... Read More

Canadian women's layering shirts and tees

Women in Canada are one of Halftee Layering fashions best customers. Canada layering tops, tees and camis are very scarce. In Canada a midriff or half shirt is a must... Read More
Half tops and Crop tops for cheerleaders @halftee

Half tops and Crop tops for cheerleaders

Obviously in my opinion Halftee Layering fashions, with our amazing half-top/crop top halftee. Half top and Crop tops are a big industry especially in the cheerleading and dance world. Halftee... Read More

Midriff Layering Shirts For Summer

Alright so the classic midriff style layering shirt is here. When hasn't a midriff shirt not been in style? In the Western culture we have been somewhat resistant but in... Read More
Midriff Layering Shirts For Summer

Katrina Lawrence

Here at Halftee (especially me personally) we have experienced a very tragic loss. Katrina Lawrence, one of my dearest friends in the world was taken in complications with child birth... Read More

Winter layering shirts and midriff for women

When I started Halftee I thought that Halftees were perfect for the summer months, which they are, but as I grow in Halftee wisdom, I have come to realize, they... Read More