Baby's First Year Blog - "The Best, Most Versatile Nursing Top EVER."


Actual nursing tops specifically designed for nursing are expensive. Many of them are ugly, made out of crummy fabric, hard to find and did I mention ugly? However I knew as an amateur nurser I was going to need some clothes that were easy to maneuver my boobs out of until I was comfortable with nursing and as a lady packing around 34F milk bongs? Button up shirts were not so much of an option. Not to mention I live in Indiana. In summer. Where the average temperature hovers above 90 with stifling humidity. So layering with nursing tanks? Meh.

So imagine my surprise when I realized I already owned the BEST NURSING TOP! EVER! and they don’t cost much more than an average t-shirt and they pretty much go with everything. My greatest nursing discovery in photos after the jump!

You see, I am a modest girl. I like keeping my folds and flesh covered and about a year ago I discovered Halftees. A dickey for generation X. They allowed me to wear sleeveless dresses with a real bra and without an undershirt riding up my midriff. They let me keep my cleavage covered without having to layer multiple shirts in the heat of summer. Brilliant they are.

One day while wearing a wrap dress while pregnant I realized just how easy it would be to get my boob out to my baby by opening the wrap dress and lifting up my little half shirt. My closet was full of wrap dresses and v-neck shirts! SUCCESS! I haven’t had to buy a single nursing top nor have I had to hike up my shirt in public to feed my baby. WHEE! WIN! Not to mention I am still able to keep the jugs covered, because this boob show? Is only meant to be watched at home.

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