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8 Fall-Styled Looks for Women 50+ Years Young

Looking around at today’s styles can feel overwhelming and scary to many of us. The styles from the 80s and 90s that we thought were gone for good are back. So, how do ladies style in a hip and fresh way using today’s hot trends? Don’t you fret, ladies. We’ve got eight fall-styled looks for you to try this autumn!


Outfit #1

Get yourself a solid button-up shirt (short or long sleeve). White is a great and universal neutral for many of these outfit choices. Unbutton the top two buttons and flare your collar a little. Add a Tank Halftee or Sleeveless Turtleneck Halftee to keep the girls covered, or add some fun layering.

Next, find a good pair of slim fit jeans. Slim fit jeans might seem scary, particularly if you don’t categorize yourself as slim — but they fit perfectly with the core idea we promote here at Halftee: less bulk for a slimmer silhouette.

Whatever cut of jeans you wear, make sure they fit you well. The right pair of jeans will hug your figure without making you pop like a can of biscuits. If the jeans have no excess length at the bottom, leave them. But if they are a little long, add a small cuff or cut them and leave a raw edge for a bit of added texture. 

Next, add a long cardigan. The cardigan should go past your bottom but not past your knees. A solid color is a great choice for this look. You can go classic white or black or add some color!

If you choose a long-sleeved button-up, pull the sleeves of your cardigan up your forearm a titch and roll the cuff of your button-up over the cardigan sleeves.

And now for the shoes! We recommend an animal print flat. Cat prints or snake prints are great touches of fun to break up the solid colors. Make sure they coordinate well with your pop of color if you choose a non-neutral cardigan or button-up.

If print shoes scare you, try a solid shoe or bootie. Finally, add a cute chunky necklace, and you are set! 

Notes: Use a Halftee Neutral instead of a colored Halftee to keep a seamless look. Let your shoes be the standout piece. If the colors of your chunky necklace coordinate with your shoe choice, it’s all that more cohesive.

The 8 Fall-Styled Looks for Women 50+ Years Young


The 8 Fall-Styled Looks for Women 50+ Years Young


The 8 Fall-Styled Looks for Women 50+ Years Young

Alternatively, try a solid blouse and short-sleeve cardigan for a fall look like the ones below.


The 8 Fall-Styled Looks for Women 50+ Years Young


The 8 Fall-Styled Looks for Women 50+ Years Young

Outfit #2

First, get a solid top. Try layering it with a Tank, Sleeveless Turtleneck, or Long Sleeve Halftee.

Next, add solid-colored pants. Choose a pair of pants that is a different color from your top. In the first image, the model is coordinating navy & white with a pop of yellow, but you can choose any cute combo.

Find a scarf that matches the two main colors of your shirt and pants. Add your pop of color with your shoes and a coordinating bag. Some simple jewelry will add the final touches.

Business class it up with a blazer over your top. Always make sure the cuffs of your shirt are longer than the sleeves of your jacket or cardigan. It creates a tailored and fashion-forward look.

Harmonious color combos

The key to any good outfit is a good combination of colors. We’ve included this handy graphic to help you put together complementary color combinations for your ensembles. Here are 72 harmonious color combos to help you mix and match your wardrobe:

Harmonious color combos

Outfit #3

Start with a floral blouse and put a denim button-up over the top. Leave the denim button-up unbuttoned. Add a long cardigan over the top of that. Pull the denim cuffs down and roll them over the ends of the cardigan sleeves like in outfit #1.

If that seems like one too many layers, try the following style instead. Start with the UNICORN Halftee Floral Mesh or floral blouse.

Over that, wear a denim button-up (you can style this as half-unbuttoned, completely unbuttoned, or fully buttoned). Place the cardigan over the denim button-down, pull the Mesh Halftee sleeves to your wrists, scrunch up the cardigan sleeve, and roll the denim cuff over it. 

Pair either of these top combos with a slim fit pair of jeans and cute flats. You could even do cute monochromatic sneakers for more casual comfort.

The 8 Fall-Styled Looks for Women 50+ Years Young

Outfit #4

Start with a long tunic top. A good fall color will give a more autumn vibe. Fall colors include oranges, browns, blacks, cream, navy, etc. Add a Tank Halftee to ensure coverage when you lean over or forward throughout your day.

For your base, pick some dark leggings. If they have some texture to them, it’s all the better; the texture creates a more put-together look. If you feel insecure with leggings, try dark skinny or slim fit jeans. A slimmer pant offers a fun contrast to the flowy movement of the tunic top.

Blacks Browns

  Browns Blacks

Depending on the style you are going for, you can add boots, sneakers, or heels to create different looks with this outfit. Try adding a jacket or other over accents to create different vibes. Here are some examples of tunics styled with leggings:


Long Sleeve Halftee


Long Sleeve Lace


Long Sleeve Turtleneck Halftee

Mock Neck Halftees  Sleeveless Turtleneck Halftees

Also, don’t feel limited to long-sleeved tunics. Halftee was made for moments like this. Add a Long Sleeve Halftee, Long Sleeve Lace or a Long Sleeve Turtleneck Halftee to any top to add sleeves or layers. Want to add a different neckline? We Have Mock Neck Halftees and Sleeveless Turtleneck Halftees, too!


Outfit #5

Get a large striped sweater in any of your favorite colors. Pick a slim fitted solid pant, and top it off with a cute pointed flat. Accessorize with dainty jewelry and a hat. Cute fedoras or berets are best for this look!

Large Striped Sweater

Here are some great hats for inspiration:





Outfit #6

Continuing the trend of athletic leisure wear (or “athleisure,” as it’s sometimes called), here’s an effortless look you can dress up or down.

Start with a cute Crew Neck Halftee under a longer sweater. Pair it with some leggings and sneakers for a simple look. Add a long, thin shirt under the sweater to turn this into a casual office look. 

Shirt Under The Sweater

You could dress this up with boots, pumps, or cute flats. Add some jewelry, like a chunky necklace, as a finishing touch. Change up the colors (see our 72 harmonious color combos image above), and this is an easy, comfy outfit for day or night in autumn.


Outfit #7

Rock a styled-out joggers outfit! Start with some super cute joggers. The great thing about joggers (besides their comfort) is that they don’t have to be expensive. You can find them just about anywhere.

Next, add a cute long-sleeve shirt tucked in front. If you want to add visual interest, use a Tank Halftee, Mock Neck, Sleeveless, or Turtleneck Halftee!

Add your favorite sneakers and a cute fedora with thin hoop earrings, and viola! Easy, cute and comfy!

This ensemble goes great with a stylish pair of sneakers, or you can dress this up by adding some cute heeled ankle boots!

Outfit #8

Outfit #8

Begin with a cute knee-length dress over a pair of tights. Choose tights in a neutral color, the color of your dress, or a complementary color.

Add a denim jacket over the dress, and add some cute ankle or knee-high boots!

For accessories, add scarves, hats, or jackets! Try adding a belt and some simple jewelry to emphasize your waist and add sparkle. Then you are all set! 

Dressing with style is easy with Halftee

Dressing with Style is Easy with Halftee!

And just like that, you have eight fall-styled looks that you can wear and change up with different colors. Dress for the season and look great! Who says Fashion in your 50s has to be hard or drab? With these tips, you will look fab!

Fall is a great time to incorporate layers in your outfits, and we at Halftee are here for all your layering needs. Our innovative Halftees give you the extra support or coverage you’re looking for while keeping your silhouette as sleek as ever.

Contact Halftee to shop our collection of Halftees, hats, jewelry, and more! We’re here to help you look your best.


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