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Decorating for The Christmas Holiday

It has been said, that home is where the heart is, and at Christmas, even more so.  It doesn't matter what type of home we have, a tiny cottage, cabin, city apartment or a huge mansion, or whether we rent or own, our homes are the center of the celebration, and the heart of Christmas.

Bringing out my favorite decorations each year and creating "illusions" is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  What "illusions" bring the holiday spirt to life in your home?  Everything we do in preparation is a way to express that spirit. With a little imagination, enthusiasm and some help from nature, we can let our homes glow with warmth and the joy of the holiday season.

I find my greatest joy entertaining friends and family and setting a beautiful table.  This is a time I use my special heirloom pieces and take the time to simply enjoy the beauty of my grandmother's crystal or my mother's china.  I love polishing the family silver and thinking about all the hands who have enjoyed this task before me.  And since the Christmas season lasts the entire month of December, it's a wonderful time to use your treasured heirlooms throughout the month.

Whether you are setting a table for dinner, lunch, brunch or Christmas morning breakfast, with a little effort you can bring the magic of Christmas to life....

And of course there are other ways to add warmth and beauty to your home.  Find that forgotten cornering your living room  or a table top and add some greens and holly berries and you have just added a layer of charm with little expense or effort.

Our house doesn't have room for a traditional Christmas tree, so I put a small artificial tree in my kitchen.  I love the feeling the tree adds with the white lights and miniature ornaments.  And since I spend so much time in the kitchen, why not make it a festive room!

A fireplace mantel is always a great place to decorate.  The secret is not to over decorate.  Go ahead and let your creativity and imagination run wild.  Then step back and "edit".  What don't you need....what doesn't work?

And if you do nothing else, table scape your dining room table with lots of fresh greens and candles!  Light those candles at night and you will instantly have a warm and inviting setting to enjoy with your friends and family even if you are just watching television.

I hope you will be inspired to decorate your home with the spirit of the season and find the joy of Christmas in your heart.  It's a happy time of the year, so have fun, and enjoy it!  Happy holidays!


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