If You Give a Girl a Halftee

If You Give a Girl a Halftee

Are you ready to feel holly jolly this winter season? All you'll need is your favorite Halftee, and you're good to go!

The holiday season is officially here! And with this time of year come countless parties, dinners, and other festive gatherings that will require picking out an outfit. For some, selecting a look is a delight; but for others, it can have you feeling like Ebenezer Scrooge. 

Don't let the pressure and stress of getting dressed get you down. If you give a girl a Halftee, she will conquer anything! Getting dressed up — or dressed down — for the holidays is one of the biggest perks of the season. It can be so much fun putting an outfit together. And we're here to make it even more fun by getting dressed with a Halftee. Halftees make getting dressed a breeze and an enjoyable process!

Keep scrolling to learn how Halftees can make your spirit and holiday season merry and bright.

If You Give a Girl a Halftee This Holiday Season 

'Tis the season of giving gifts, and what better gift to give to those you love — including yourself — than a Halftee! Here are four things that might happen when you give a girl a Halftee:

1. Halftees for Layering Under Tops

If you give a girl a Halftee, she'll use it for layering under her go-to blouses! 

Whether the weather outside is frightful or you'd prefer a more modest look to cover up your shoulders and décolletage, you can rock your favorite sleeveless or plunging tops with a Halftee

For those aiming for an outfit with more shoulder and arm coverage, there are several options in terms of sleeve lengths that will help you achieve the exact look you want! Our original boyfriend tee or cap-sleeved top is perfect for modest clothing and dressing.

When Mother Nature lets it snow, but you still want to wear a tank or sleeveless blouse or just want extra layers, Halftee has your back. Our mid- and long-sleeve options are perfect for layering your favorite warm-weather tops. 

They are also great for layering on snowy adventures like skiing and snowboarding, sledding, and otherwise braving the cold. Make sure to use Halftees for layering this winter season.

2. Halftees for Layering Under Dresses or Jumpers

If you give a girl a Halftee, she'll wear it under her favorite dresses and jumpers!

Jumpers, rompers, or jumpsuits. It doesn't matter what you call them; we just know that they are super trendy right now and will likely be for seasons to come. On a similar note, dresses seem to be having a major moment, too!

A lot of times, these articles of clothing have a deep, plunging neckline or are sleeveless. These styles might work for some, but others prefer a bit more coverage, making Halftees ideal for layering.

3. Halftees Beneath Your Workwear 

If you give a girl a Halftee, she'll rock it at work!

Does your work have a uniform or a dress code? Do you have to dress up, or can you be a bit more casual? Either way, there's a Halftee for you. Whether your office requires business attire or the dress code is business casual, you can opt for the Halftees in a more elevated material, such as our silky or lace options. 

If your dress code or uniform is a bit more relaxed, like wearing scrubs or your own clothes, you could opt for just about any of our Halftees.

4. Halftees Paired With Your Formal Look

If you give a girl a Halftee, she'll stun and delight in her formal attire!

Going to parties and formal events is a part of the holiday season. Between friend dinners, family parties, school dances, and work events, there's a lot to get dressed up for! But finding modest clothing, especially formal wear, can be challenging. But this process doesn't have to be stressful!

If you've found the dress to wear to your holiday event that is perfect in every way, except maybe the sleeves aren't long enough or the neckline is too revealing, don't stress! You are not out of luck — Halftee has you covered (literally!) 

Our Peekaboo Tank features lace that instantly elevates your already iconic look. Or you can pair any of our Halftees to make a sleeveless dress more modest. Moreover, you can grab a skin-colored Halftee to wear with your dress to make low necklines and cut-outs less revealing.

Get Dressed with Halftee This Holiday Season

If you give a girl a Halftee, you're sure to spread that holiday cheer!

Some mornings getting dressed is easy; however, other times, it can be challenging, overwhelming, and downright disheartening. There can be a lot of pressure around getting dressed for the holidays. But, thanks to Hafltee, you can pick your holiday outfits with ease. Adding a Halftee to your outfit is one of the best ways to enjoy modest clothing and look great!

Enjoy modest layering with Halftee without sacrificing comfort or fashion. Our tops come in various styles to match your aesthetic. Halftees are perfect for every outfit and can be worn for any occasion, regardless of the temp outside, and will make any look modest and something you will feel confident and comfortable wearing. 

Whether you are chilling out at home for the day, going to class, headed to the office for meetings, attending a formal holiday event, or braving the hustle and bustle of running errands, Halftees will make getting dressed easy. 

Our innovative and stylish Halftee was designed with every woman's comfort in mind. Because of our amazing signature 2" band, your Halftee won't budge, staying right where you want it, making the holiday hustle and bustle a breeze. 

Halftees are the ideal underlayer for all your favorite dresses, blouses, jumpers, and more! Everyone should feel fantastic and confident in their outfit, which is why, regardless of your style and preferences, there's a sleeve length, solid color or print, and neckline just for you.

Check out our online selection and let Halftee help you get dressed this holiday season!


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