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The 8 Best Ways to Save Money on Clothes

It’s so satisfying to hit the checkout button when I know that my virtual shopping cart has an amazing deal on it! I love saving money on clothes because I’m such a deal hunter. Here are 8 of the best ways to save money when clothes shopping:

1. Buy Clothes Out of Season

A great way to save money on clothes is to buy your winter clothes in the summer, and your summer clothes in the winter. Most clothing companies will discount their out of season clothes so that they can get rid of them.

Right now is when I buy all my cute decorative tank tops because they are on sale since it’s the end of summer. Then, I can throw a ¾ or Long Sleeve Halftee under it and wear it all year round for a fraction of the price!

2. Shop at Thrift Shops

I love shopping in thrift stores and have found a lot of great clothes there. It requires a little digging but if you are looking for discounts on clothing, that is where to go!

3. Buy Clothes That Fit You Today

If you can’t wear it the minute you get home from the store, then don’t waste money on it. So often we buy clothes that don’t fit in hope that one day they will. The truth is that they end up in the back of the closet with a price tag still hanging on it. Instead, spend your hard-earned money on something you can wear and love today!

4. If You Don’t Love It Then Don’t Buy It

“Well, one thing I know about shopping is that if you don't absolutely love it in the store, you won't wear it.” – The Blind Side

This is advice that I always use when shopping for clothes. I have such a bad habit of buying clothes that are a great deal even if I don’t love them. Then I wear them only a handful of times before they end up getting donated to a thrift store. Now, I make sure I love the clothes before I buy, regardless of how great of a deal they are.

5. Shop Clearance

Clearance shopping is my jam! I always search what’s available in clearance first before I check out other sections of a clothing store or website.

6. Use Free Shipping

There are a lot of great ways to get free shipping when buying clothing online. Check out for stores currently offering free shipping. Or, lots of clothing stores will offer free shipping to ship to their local store. I totally am willing to save a couple of extra bucks by picking up my package when I’m already out running errands.

If you’re interested in saving on shipping at Halftee you can shop at our Lindon, Utah store. Or, get free shipping on all orders over $100. Plus, we often offer free shipping discounts to our customers. You can even get free shipping today! Now through August 31st, get free shipping on orders over $50 using the code FREESHIP.

7. Check the Return Policy

With most of the clothing shopping now happening online, it’s important to know the store's return policy before buying. I can’t tell you how often I buy clothes and end up having to return them for some reason or another. I don’t want to purchase clothing from an online store without being able to return it.

Check out Halftee’s return policy at

8. Become an Affiliate

Lots of companies will allow you to earn clothing by recommending their brand to others. If you’re not sure if a company has an affiliate program, don’t hesitate to ask. Free clothes are totally worth it!

Halftee does have an affiliate program and you can learn more about it at


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