What You Need to Wear This Fall - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

What You Need to Wear This Fall

Fall is coming, and if it’s as hot for you as it is for us- that brisk fall air couldn’t come any sooner! I love FALL! The weather is comfortable, the snacks are delicious, and the FASHION!!!! This gal loves layering! My kids are even more stylish in the fall because I love the layers, beanies, fingerless gloves, and boots! I could go on forever! But I want to focus on FALL OUTDOOR activity fashion trends!


Fall comes with a lot of fun activities. You have corn mazes, haunted houses, pumpkin patches, hayrides, and more! These outings are a little more fashion friendly! There are so many cute ways to wear your sweaters! There is the baggy off the shoulder, fitted cardigan style, v-neck sweaters, elbow sleeve sweaters, and turtleneck sweaters. But, as with every fashion, there are things you may want to find a HACK for…

Maybe there is an off the shoulder sweater you want to wear, but your religious beliefs, personal comfort, or workplace won’t accept a bare shoulder. Adding a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt underneath your sweater can solve that. But a sweater can be hot, so instead wear a Halftee under your sweater. Halftees only cover from the bust up and come in every sleeve length you could need to under a sweater.

V-neck sweater plunging a little too low? Use a Turtleneck Halftee with a tank sleeve to increase your fabulous flare without the added bulk.

Leggings, skinny jeans, socks, and boots!

A good pair of skinny jeans are a must for anyone’s wardrobe. If you have hips and you think skinny jeans will squeeze you a little too tight or a baby in the works then get a thick pair of leggings. Plus, get a few in a variety of colors.

A long sweater or cute flannel shirt tied around your waist keeps leggings classy and cute for fall! Tuck your skinny jeans or leggings into some cute tall boots and you have a fun fall look.

Another option for boots is thick socks and booties. Sometimes thick socks don’t fit in those cute ankle boots, so here is an easy hack: Cut a pair of old socks and keep the calf part. Scrunch it down so it peeks out over the top of the bootie! No more bulk with the “halfsock." Hmm, maybe I should patent that term….

Give the "halfsock" a shot! Cutting an old sock is way cheaper than buying the ankle accessories they sell for big bucks!

T-shirts and long sleeves!

Sometimes a t-shirt isn’t enough, but the jacket is too much! Instead, layer a Long Sleeve Halftee under your t-shirts! Get a 3/4 Sleeve, Turtleneck, or Mock Neck Halftee to wear under your tops for just a touch of fall warmth. With Halftees available in so many colors, prints, and fabric options you can add a pop of color or style to any outfit!


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