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Long layering t-shirts or camisoles for modesty

A lot of women ask, "why didn't you start Halftee sooner?" We can't believe we have had to wait this long for something so great. All this time wearing our... Read More

Layering is important for women and girls

When I decided to start Halftee, shortly after, we took a family trip to Disneyland. I love to "people watch," but on this trip I may have entered the realm... Read More

Why Halftee Layering Shirts Expand Maternity Wardrobes

Let's start with why I decided to begin Halftee..... Two reasons... 1. Has any one ever been nursing, one arm is holding the baby and the other most likely holding... Read More

Modest Clothing For Layering

Modest layering clothing, and modest layering tops, are they important?  Noelle and I just spent four days in Las Vegas at the Magic Fashion Trade show, speaking to anyone who... Read More

Layering Shirts for Maternity, Pregnancy, and Nursing

Layering Shirts for Maternity, Pregnancy, and Nursing Ok, so we all know that layering shirts for pregnancy make all the difference right?  Let me explain.  So, you all may know... Read More

What I Wore - Mixing My Prints + Halftee Review

{My youngest sister, Abigail {Abby} wanted to join me today.} What I'm Wearing: Striped Oversized Tee made by me // Oversized Floral Skirt Lauren Ralph Lauren {secondhand} // White 3/4... Read More

I LOVE My Halftee

Friends, I was contacted by Halftee last early last week and was asked if I'd like to check out their product. After perusing the website and getting *excellent* customer service... Read More

Modest Neckline: Halftee

by GfG on December 19, 2011 Modest Neckline: Halftee I’ve shared before how important I think modesty is.  We had a conversation about it here.  It was quite a conversation.... Read More

Product Review - Work Wear with HalfTee

Have you ever seen a dress where you instantly fell in love with the cut, style, or fabric but then deflate when you notice the sleeves are short? Well this... Read More

She {hearts} Halftee

Photot Credit: Alyssa Friesen I’m a Mom. I spend a lot of time chasing after my kids, leaning over to wipe noses, pick up the many items they leave lying... Read More